Winners of StuffCool iPhone 5 case contest

We thank everyone for participating in our iPhone 5 case giveaway contest in collaboration with! We have chosen our 10 winners who will receive a case for their iPhone 5! Check out if you are one of the 10 winners!

If your name figures in the list, drop us an email with your shipping address and a scanned copy of your id proof to

  • Dr Jay Goyal
  • Jagdeep Gaba
  • Mayur Gupta
  • Assad Abbas
  • Aditya Patel
  • Saibi Singh
  • Manit Bhatia
  • Ashish Saini
  • Anand Grover
  • Samarth Sharma

    Gadgets API returns Empty Value

  • Rockstar

    I thought i will win…!!! :(

  • Asad Abbas

    Thank you BGR Team.

  • dsadssd


  • Sonam

    My iPhone 5 battery sucks.

  • Mayur

    Heyyy i won a cover…..thank u very much BGR…..

    • Jagdeep Gaba

      hey mayur congrats.. m also winner of case contest .i mailed my shipping address n id to but till now have not recieved any reply ..what about you mayur have u recieved any mail from bgr.

      • Mayur

        No …even i didnt receive any reply from their side….but i think they will ship dat to us as soon as possible….

  • Haneet

    Shit Mai reh gya

  • Abhisek Parija

    Disappointed :(

  • Aakash Mehta

    Pretty bummed out that I didn’t win.. But can we at least see the winning home screens? Would be interesting to see..

  • Mayur

    Does any of d winners received any reply from team bgr???

    • Rajat Agrawal

      We are awaiting details of all the winners and you will hear from us shortly.

      • Aditya Patel

        Hello Rajat. I sent my details as soon as the winners were announced. Still no sign of a case :(

        • Saibi Singh

          Details sent as soon as they post for the result was out…hoping to hear very soon…

          • Saibi Singh


      • Mayur

        Dear rajat we all are awaiting for ur reponse by a long time…:( .plz make d shipment as soon as possible….

        • Rajat Agrawal

          The cases are being shipped out this week!

          • Mayur

            Hope 2 receive it soon…:)