Amazon Kindle and Kindle touch hands-on!

Amazon Kindle and Kindle touch hands-on!
Amazon Kindle and Kindle touch hands-on!

We just spent a few minutes checking out the brand new Amazon Kindle Touch and all new Amazon Kindle, and we’re impressed. Both tablets were extremely light, though with the touch sensitivity being incredible on the Kindle touch, we could see ourselves opting for that with 3G over the regular Kindle. The backs of both are metal, like the previous Kindle, and the readability is fantastic on the E Ink displays, even with the touch capability on the Kindle touch. While the prices of both are insanely attractive, Amazon revealed to us that these prices are for the special offers versions of the Kindle devices, and that the non-special offer Kindles will be $109 and $139, respectively. Even still, the prices that Amazon is delivering these products for is incredible, and the new Nook just got a whole lot less attractive. Hit the gallery for all of our photos.

P.S. Which way are you leaning? Touch or no touch?

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  • pb

    where can i buy kindle touch in india – 79 or 99$ wala?

    • Rajat Agrawal

      you will have to pre-book it on Only the non-touch, wi-fi only $79 Kindle will be available for shipping to India. Rest will be available in US only.

    • Noel

      Indians should not get over excited with the pricing. Check this out:
      1) 79$ Kindle is with promotion ads as screensavers. This feature is not available for India so the price for India is 100$.
      2) Shipping Internationally Amazon charges you approx 25$
      3) Import Duty in India get ready to shell out an additional 35$.(approx)

      Now all that totals to around 155 to 165 USD. In that you would want to buy Kindle 3 (with Keyboard & free 3G). Ofcourse Kindle Keyboard if you buy it on Amazon it will attract high import duty and other shipping costs.. Best I would suggest buy Kindle 3 in India from ebay or Indiatimes. Kindle 3 is still the best Kindle yet
      (PS: Also 79$ Kindle doesnt have audio functionality so you have to compromise on audio books/soothing music while reading it.)