Amazon likely to launch online retail store in India this month

Amazon is likely to launch its Indian online retail store this month, sources familiar with the situation told BGR India. The launch could happen as early as this week, one of the sources indicated. Amazon is also talking to tier-two electronics brands to be featured on its store and is unlikely to feature top brands at the time of the launch. It seems that the Kindle Fire will be launched in India sometime after the online store launch but Amazon has already tied up with HCL Infosystems for distributing its Android tablet, we have been informed. We will keep our ears to the ground for more developments. Stay tuned.

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  • Pranjal

    And this was the news, for what I am waiting for so long, If they enters, competition will be more rigorous, which will eventually result into better deals and higher affiliate commissions.

  • Harry Jerry

    It would be interesting if they launch Kindle Fire in India since it’s content centric and mostly tied to US based content syndication platforms that cannot serve in India currently.

  • Raj

    Wow this is seriously a good move by Amazon, eagerly waiting for them..

  • Bharat

    Nice to hear this, Amazon will surely rock in India.


    good news, and my first buy is amazon kindle…

  • nkspro

    Amazon in India! Amazing! Dreamt of you for so long!

  • Jigsaw

    Well…Amazon is gonna launch in India, but not this month !! Good news for Chennai folks, Warehouse will be in Chennai.

  • Mercy Philip

    It is a good news! We were waiting for this.