Exclusive: iPhone 3GS 8GB launched in India for Rs 19,990

Exclusive: iPhone 3GS 8GB launched in India for Rs 19,990
Exclusive: iPhone 3GS 8GB launched in India for Rs 19,990

We had reported this over a month ago and now it is official. The iPhone 3GS 8GB has been launched in India for Rs 19,990. Like the iPhone 4, it will be sold unlocked and would run on any GSM network. Yup, we know there will be lot of people who will complain Apple is dumping old products in India, but let’s face it, an iPhone at under Rs 20k is a dream come true for many.

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  • Ashish Pandey

    Who is offering this phone? Operator or the stores?

    • Rajat

      Both Aircel and Airtel are launching it. But will be factory unlocked so will be available across stores.

      • cj


  • Shailesh

    Wowww….. they have got the right price point iphone 3gs below 20k is a good buy it is still better than some of the latest smartphones at the same price point and with iOS 5 heading its way on 3gs it will be an awesome buy… way to go apple…. they just have to advertise it correctly now…

  • Shray

    Any idea on when it would be launched?

  • paul

    Will the features be the same as the 3gs 16gb and 32gb or……….?

  • Ragu

    where i am going to buy this mobile phone

  • cj

    i see lots of numbers and stupid bullshit in this post i recommend a therapist for wahtever is wrong with you. feel better soon

  • bhai

    no such announcements on apple website or on airtel or aircel………….where can i get this phone man?////

  • Ashish Nadkar

    where can I buy one? (me from mumbai)
    also would it be even low on pocket if I ask my friend to buy one from US?
    does FM works?
    please suggest!

  • Dr. Nishikant

    when n where i can buy this phone? i want it soon…

  • ajay

    its very good

  • aashish

    is that phn gud?????

  • Gajendra Singh

    How to i buy this phone? Kindly suggest me.

  • http://none saravanan.A

    hi i am saravanan.this mobile is very nice

  • ravi

    i want this phn just tell me whn i can buy it ???

  • adarsh

    Ye ph bilkul bakvas phone hai,!!
    Ye ph buy kr k ap apne paise gira denge.