Aircel, Airtel to launch factory unlocked iPhone 4

This one should please all those who keep bashing Apple for its ‘step-motherly’ treatment towards Indian consumers. We can now confirm that both Airtel and Aircel will launch factory unlocked iPhone 4 in India. We do not have the exact date of launch, yet, but we have been informed that it could happen towards the end of May. Finally, we hear that a version of the iPhone 3GS (probably 16 GB) will also be available sub-Rs 30,000, followed by the two iPhone 4 variants (16 GB and 32 GB) both priced upwards of Rs 30,000. This should make things a bit uncomfortable for the likes of HTC and Samsung, which are relying heavily on their Android smartphones.

  • lucky

    If apple is plaaning to launch factory unlocked phones ….. any reason why they have to that with the carriers ?? They could simply sell them at istore outlets …..

  • Technology news

    It would be great if they launch factory unlocked iPhone 4 in India as you are getting factory unlocked iphone 4 for 33k on ebay

  • jashan

    plz can u give me iphone 4 4.3.5 unlocking