Bose Solo TV sound system launched in India for Rs 25,673

Bose has launched the Solo TV sound system in India for Rs 25,673, which essentially is a sound bar replicating a virtual surround sound. Bose claims that it dramatically improves the dialogue, action and music on any movie and all this happens in a very portable package.

It measures just 7cm high and 52.5cm wide and has been designed especially for flat panel television in particular 42-inch models so that it matches the width of the HDTV.

Additionally, Bose has made it very easy to setup the Solo TV sound system with just one cable, so users should not be worried about many wires. The Bose Solo TV sound system will be available in India starting November 25, 2012.

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  • karthik

    Dis is pretty similar to what philips have ,known has the sound bar……they sold it for 60000 4yrs back…good for small rooms otherwise nt much effective in huge rooms$$$

  • Vineet

    Bose is the most over rated brand on earth. Too expensive for what it offers as compared to other alternatives. It is a well known fact among the audiophiles.

  • Imran

    Bose has made life simple by launching solo tv sound bar it is unique