Micromax Canvas HD Vs Lava Xolo A1000

Micromax launched the Canvas HD yesterday to an overwhelming demand from consumers and the phone sold out within moments of the official launch. A combination of good specifications and an attractive price of Rs 13,999 is something us price conscious Indians cannot resist and the demand is not a big surprise. Lava today discreetly introduced its Xolo A1000, a phone which is quite similar to the Canvas HD in terms of specifications and price. Given a choice between the two which one would you select? We compare the specifications of both the phones and help you decide.

Both the phones have dual-SIM capabilities and sport a 5-inch IPS (1280×720 pixels) display. In terms of processing power the Canvas HD is powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core Mediatek MT6589 processor, 1GB RAM, while the A1000 is powered by a 1 GHz dual-core MediaTek MT6577 processor and a 1GB RAM. The batteries on both too are similar and only 100mAH differentiates the two. While on paper four cores are obviously more powerful than two, the processor on the Canvas HD is a Cortex A7 and the one on A1000 is a Cortex A9. What this essentially means is that when the performance of the phones is compared, the benchmarks will be nearly the same. But having said that, the Cortex A7 cores on the Canvas HD should consume less battery when handling the phone tasks than the Cortex A9 cores on the A1000.

In terms of internal and external storage, both the phones have 4GB internal storage and have a microSD slot that supports a memory card of up to 32GB. The cameras on both the phones too are same as both of them have an 8-megapixel camera at the back. The only difference is that the Canvas HD has a 2-megapixel camera in the front while the A1000 only has a 1.2-megapixel camera.

On paper then both the phones are exactly the same and deciding between the two is difficult. Until we review the phones and see how they work in the real world, it won’t be fair to choose one phone over the other. So if you are in the market for a phone and are finding it difficult to choose between the two, keep an eye out for our upcoming reviews.

Features compared:

Features Micromax Canvas HD Lava Xolo A1000
Display 5-inch IPS display

(1280×720 pixels)

5-inch IPS display

(1280×720 pixels)

Processor 1.2GHz quad-core Mediatek MT6589 (Cortex A7) 1 GHz dual-core MediaTek MT6577 (Cortex A9)
OS Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
Internal Storage 4GB 4GB
External Storage microSD support up to 32GB microSD support up to 32GB
Camera 8-megapixel rear,
2-megapixel front
8-megapixel rear,
1.2-megapixel front
Battery 2,000mAH 2,100mAH
Price 13,990 Rs 13,999

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  • http://www.youthpunk.com v ikram singh

    i think micromax win in this race …..

  • http://www.youthpunk.com v ikram singh

    micromax win this race …..as compare to lava xolo ……..

  • Ranjan

    I bought this from M2hshop.com, they also happen to sell apart from Flipkart ! ;-).
    Heard it’s an emerging brand, might ship it faster.

  • Bhavin Tolia

    Guys, BIG DOUBT. Why d’you think these phones like Micromax are getting cheaper?
    You may attribute it to competition, but… but.. but,

    I’ve heard this company is funded by Telecom companies & doesn’t specifically aim for better returns. Such phones encourage Data consumption, which is obviously VERY profitable for Telecom companies. Even if it encourages messaging its profitable.

    Simple math :

    1 text message = 160 characters (160 bytes max.)

    so 1 GB = 62,50,000 messages
    62,50,000 x 0.5 = 31,25,000 (Rs)

    Suddenly the Rs.17,20,00,00,00,000/- scam doesn’t look big anymore!
    All they need is 2,75,200GB of data transfer

    FURTHERMORE, Assuming an average geeks monthly download is 50GB in fixed broadband, All we’d need is 5000 “geeks worth” of download for ~1.1 month(s) to consume that!

    1) That in reality, and Realty, mobile internet doesn’t really cost as much as fixed broadband lines (that need to be physically drawn across the city)

    2) And that 5000 geeks aren’t hard to find for the ENTIRE telecom industry)


    • Ziggy D

      Dear Bhavin,
      Pls note that the main advantage of a smartphone is the use of apps such as Viber, Whatsapp etc which use mobile internet(GPRS). The telecom companies come out with plans such as 1GB for Rs 98(Airtel) which cost Rs 4 per day. Most smartphone users these days rarely use the SMS mode.
      Your argument is invalid

  • http://www.tothemobile.com Tothemobile

    Nice Comparison between Micromax Canvas HD Vs Lava Xolo, But my personal favorite is Micromax Canvas HD

  • prabakar

    I agree with Bhavin tolia, xolo 1000 consumes more data count than Micromax. it consumes around 10 mb for Google search page visit
    . It is much higher than very cheap mobiles. Intel may cheat customers