Airtel starts taking pre-orders for 16GB iPhone 5 for Rs 45,500

As expected, Airtel has started taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5 for Rs 45,500. Currently, Airtel is only taking pre-orders for the black model with 16GB of storage and it is yet to list any other iPhone 5 variant.

Airtel says that the device will be available from 11 November onwards. However it also says that the device will ship in 16 to 17 days, so if one intends to purchase the device from Airtel, then be prepared to wait for sometime.

For those who don’t know, the iPhone 5 is powered by Apple’s latest A6 chip, and it has a larger 4-inch Retina display and packs in an improved 8-megapixel camera from the iPhone 4S. It also features a new design that involves the use of aluminium on the back where the screen meets the body with diamond cut chamfered edges.

  • Androidman

    How stupid should one be to buy this phone for 45,500. when you can get better phone with 2GB ram, Quad core proc and 5.5 inch HD display for 38,000

    • sood

      because it has a classy design and premium and elegant feel to it. The phone you are referring to is outright ugly.

  • Jignesh

    Why aren’t Indian carriers able to streamline the whole process and bring the variants of iPhone 5 at the same time? And with no options yet for reverse subsidy, I think this is a bad deal.

    • nomad

      why do ppl have to make stupid comments whenever iPhone is mentioned in any article?

      • lol

        They always feel jealous that they missed buying an they need to comment.its a trend now.

        • Rockstar

          I agree with u absolutly…!!!

  • hrishikesh

    airtel now says iphone 5 available from 2nd november and not 11th nov.

  • harish

    used iphone 3 and 4 both r good but i need change going to buy note 2 //////////////