Airtel’s iPhone 4 reverse subsidy plans

Airtel’s iPhone 4 reverse subsidy plans
Airtel’s iPhone 4 reverse subsidy plans

Airtel has put up its reverse subsidy plans for the iPhone 4. These plans are remarkably different from Aircel’s and it offers a maximum of Rs 24,000 money back over 24 months and a minimum of Rs 7,200. Check out their plans in detail here. You can compare it with Aircel’s offering here.

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  • Ravi

    Its not quite clear in the site~ Do i have to buy the phone outright first or will it be subsidized monthly?

    • Rajat

      You will have to buy it upfront and will get a monthly discount, depending on the plan you select.

  • joe_6285

    I don’t understand these plans.I thought you pay 35,000 rs and buy the phone and it’s over.And you can put the micro sim and start using.I am not understanding a thing over here.I have to pay 35000 rs for the phone and 600 monthly data plan too.Can anybody explain me do i have to pay both 35000 and monthly data plan 600 from airtel or I have to pay 35000 and it is over.

    • Shailesh

      Yes Joe u have to pay the additional per month charges of whatever plan you take….the 34500 you pay its the price for the Iphone 4…. basically they are offering special plan for iphone forget the savings part you are just paying lesser per month bill as compared to the normal plans as you are getting free talktime, sms and data and thats how you are saving money…. nothing else…

      Now I understand why Tata Docomo have kept their tag line as “Keep it simple silly” ….

  • Shailesh

    Disappointed by Airtel’s offer… they are offering free Airtel to Airtel local minutes ….. Arrrrgggghhhhh

    • Rajat Agrawal

      Not to forget, it is offering only local free text messages.

  • sushilnayak

    mor information of 3g set.

  • sunny

    aircell have much much better plans then that of airtel…they offering many things in 299 monthly prepaid plan,,,see this but i m waiting for vodafone plans