HTC Butterfly launched in India for Rs 46,000

HTC today launched its Butterfly superphone in India. Priced at Rs 46,000, it is the first Android smartphone to be launched in the country with a 5-inch 1080p full HD display. The Butterfly features top-of-the-line specifications with a quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and much more.

Like most HTC high-end smartphones, the Butterfly has premium look and a sturdy build. It might not be iPhone 5-slim but at a hair over 9mm is not bad for a phone with this sort of hardware. We are talking about a 5-inch 1080p SLCD3 display, a 8-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front cameras, a Qualcomm Snapdragon Pro quad-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage along with a microSD card slot. HTC claims that it is water resistant to IPX-5 level (IPX-5 is protected against water jets – Water projected at all angles through a 6.3mm nozzle at a flow rate of 12.5 liters/min at a pressure of 30kN/m2 for 3 minutes from a distance of 3 meters.)

The Butterfly also has the ImageSense chip that was first introduced in the HTC One X for zero shutter lag and the ability to click pictures while shooting videos. It also has an image stabilization mode, so it would be interesting to see how it compares with the Nokia Lumia 920.

HTC Butterfly key specifications

  • 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4 Pro quad-core processor
  • 5-inch S-LCD 3 with Corning Gorilla Glass 2 & Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Android 4.1 with HTC Sense
  • 16GB of storage with microSD card slot supporting up to 32GB of storage
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • Bluetooth with aptX enabled (Bluetooth 4.0)
  • DLNA for wirelessly streaming media, micro-USB 2.0 (5-pin) port with MHL for USB or HDMI connection
  • 8 megapixel camera with auto focus, LED flash, and BSI sensor (for better low-light captures), F2.0 aperture and 28mm lens
  • 2.1 megapixel front camera (1080p for video chat)
  • Dedicated HTC ImageChip
  • 2,020 mAh battery

  • Alok

    46000 ….. fail

  • Vineet

    I guess it makes sense selling it for 46k when they are selling one X+ for 39 itself and both are non-sensable priced imo.

  • pacific

    When I saw the PRICE TAG, I had BUTTERFLY in my stomach !!!

    Destined to be Doomed !!!

    No smartphone should be priced beyond 35K, no matter what !!!

  • Rahul

    Only apple can price a phone over 40k and still sell their phones.. Htc needs to get the pricing right to compete with Samsung in the indian market.. Even the price of galaxy note 2 has fallen to 33k barely 4 months after needs to take a lesson and price their phones accordingly.. 38-40k for this phone would have been perfect

  • Ajay

    46000/- Hahahahahahahaha

  • ravi

    most of the article on bgr feel as if they have been unnecessarily extended to cover the 300 word limit required for seo…

  • A Chowdhury

    One more overpriced HTC phone that will fail in the market. It seems HTC does not want to mend its ways. First it was the Sensation(+ XE) VS Galaxy S2, then One X VS S3, then the absurdly priced One S, One X+ and now this. No wonder, HTC struggles to make profits. The prices are driving away potential customers who are opting for Samsung in many cases. Dear HTC… your phones might be great but the prices you expect are NOT!!!

  • Rahul

    What next Htc.. Price the new flagship M7 at 60k??

  • Titan

    Not only the phone is overpriced two companies LG and HTC are dumping old models in India at premium price. One x+ 64 GB announced in india after Droid DNA was launched in US and Japan and now when release of HTC ‘s new flagship is around the corner they are gain dumping butterfly in india. Similar is the case for LG’s optimus G which will be announced in india soon and optimus G2 or whatever the name will be sold in US etc

  • Dilmeet

    46k?? April 1 is so far but I Guess hTC has M7 for that as well!! God put some brains in a company that has great products but the pricing takes months to be spot on! By then Q1,2,3,4 arrives and they wonder what went wrong!

  • mkd

    its funny to see people eyeing for iphone whose price is above 40k and call it fail for a better product(htc). Jus pathetic. Slaves of usa.

    • Rahul

      At least after spending 40k+ on an iphone, u ll be having a flagship phone for most part of the year.. Prices don’t keep falling every today launched a flagship model for 46k which will be dethroned by m7 barely within 20 days as the flagship..u can’t compare apples and oranges

      • mkd

        yea locked in a year old spec is better? Isnt it?

        • Rahul

          @lst u wnt feel the need to upgrade and will receive after sales support for at least 3 years.. I haven’t heard a sensation or sensation xe being upgraded to 4.2 or higher..I would rather buy a nexus device with lower hardware specs.. After spending 45k I would at least expect to run the latest version of android out of the box..

  • gautam

    46k ….hahahahaha….even gs3 when released it”s price 43k now 32k……….remind it……