Flipkart goes down as Moto E goes up on sale again


Flipkart’s website has gone down moments after the Moto E went on sale on the online retailer for the second time. Flipkart had announced that it had just 20,000 units of the Moto E that would go on sale at 11AM today. It seems the announcement led to people rushing to the site to book their unit.

This is not the first time that Flipkart’s site has crashed after a Moto phone went on sale. The same thing happened during the first wave of Moto E  sales earlier this month. Flipkart had crashed when the first time Moto G went on sale as well.

It is surprising that Flipkart wasn’t better prepared this time, considering it also announced yesterday the time when the second lot would go on sale. While it sounds good for Motorola that demand for its product brought down the entire site, it is likely to put off buyers.

You can read our review of the Motorola Moto E here.

  • venkat

    Way to go to catch up with Amazon. I guess, it is good if Motorola ties up with other Amazon as well. Flipkart, wakeup and push the limits on your backend systems. Atleast be as good as IRCTC, which sees the mad rush every morning.

  • venkat

    It is half hour now, it is surprising to see that the entire flipkart site is down. I meant, one cannot buy other items on sale on Flipkart. What a pity.

  • Raj

    WTF Mahn… I’m trying since half an hour, the mobile is been added to the cart. but when i get to place the order, everything just messes up.:(

    • Shree

      its available now…i just booked it

  • Damneet Kalra

    Waiting for it so long and you see you’re not able to order the phone! Flipkart please improve your servers!!!! -_-

  • Pavan

    Reminds me of the agonizing irctc booking.Simply terrible.Added to cart and still not working

  • Aleem

    I’m also trying since an hour, the mobile is been added to
    the cart. but when i get to place the order, everything just messes

  • Aleem

    Anybody purchases a single piece successfully?

  • Pavan

    I doubt if they’ll be here if they did purchase it.Will be really annoyed if it finally clears up and it shows stock over

    • D

      I did at 5:30 in the evening.

  • Aleem

    Item added to the cart, once click on the place order it shows There are no items in this cart. Everybody gets the same

    • Raj

      same with me buddy:(

      • Pavan

        Same here

        • Pavan

          I even got to place order and just before it finally gets to it,it’s back to no items in cart

    • Deba

      Same here!
      Aftr that, “Its not available for your location… WTF!!”

      • ASCube Infinity

        That day my frnd order this Moto E….She stays in Banglore.
        so it arrived, but at same time i ordered in Pune it wasnt available.

    • swaroop

      same problem…..the worst xperince with flipkart..if u r the only seller then y u keep limited stock…

  • Parth

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally ordered it!

    • Pavan

      Damn!I didn’t get in yet

    • Aleem

      You got a lucky day today…

  • Pavan

    Now it shows coming soon.Can’t even click place order

  • Aleem

    Gone out of stock again.. i’m not able to book it today…

  • Raj

    Out of stock again..:(:(

  • chetan

    ow can you go from up for grabs to out of stock in an hour when no one can actually book anything?

  • satish

    wasted an hour to buy,, finally,,, went back to same message :::::::::: bad experience

  • Praveen

    Its really disappointing about the service of flipkart. Dear Flipkart, Pls don’t create the hypes and have extended gaint tie ups if you are not capable of handling traffics.
    I really request Motorola to introspect as their importance is Customers and not flipkart.
    They should have atleast had with one retailer i.e physical store.
    Customer service guys via toll free has no clue of what had happened today morning and till now. A guy stated that 20000 unit sold and moto e is out of stock now.
    I wonder how in this world the entire 20k pcs sold when the site was crashed after minutes of 11 am. I do really understand if 1000 pcs were sold .
    Regardless to say, Flipkart really need to work on more before they initiate such things next time.

  • pranjal

    please CCI should look into this as its againts all rules of monopoly…

  • Nishu

    Lot of bugs I have observed while ordering this. If you are a registered user, some times it is showing as guest user. Initially when I gave my PIN to check the delivery option, it was accepting that. When I added the item to cart and during payment it says the item will not be delivered to your area. please change your address.!!!. Some times when you click on cart, item is disappearing.. Worst experience..

  • amit

    i think this was full nutanki by flipkart……how can stock is out as i was calling customer care before 11am…they.put my call on hold and receive my call around 11:15am. and saying that book the phone by online process….we can not take order as server is slow…..

    and i was continuasly trying to book the phone for 1and half hrs…….but the site as not resume….@ last i again call the customer care….and they inform me that the product is out of stock…..hum…………….this was all about marketing stunt………….

  • Piyush

    They need to spread the load across multiple load balancers (if they have). Or if on cloud they need to make sure to have on-demand service. Pity that such a big firm can get into such a hassle when they can do so much.

    • Sachin Bansal

      Thank You for opening our eyes Mr. Piyush. Such a great revelation!! How come WE never thought of that?! We bow to your wisdom!

      PS – Suck It!

      • Piyush

        Perfect name crappy comment. Although its good I could share some wisdom with you. May be you should reply to all the comments below.

        In house tech gone garbage. Well like I said, pity you :)

        • Sachin Bansal

          Crappy Name Crappy Comment. Thanks but no thanks for the sermon Mr. unsolicited ‘wisdom’! Ever heard of the word ‘sarcasm’? Maybe if you redirected that pity towards yourself, you’d gain an iota or two of actual wisdom.

          • Piyush

            Easy for me to flag it mate. your sarcasm up your.. Grins!

          • Sachin Bansal

            Take the flag and shove it up urs!

          • Piyush

            Flagged again

  • Yashwant

    Flipkart is loosing its cradibility by frequent crashing of site. It seems that most of the cells (MOTO E) was booked by Dealers . I have also heart that at some places in Mumbai MOTO E is available @ Rs 9000…………If such kind of black marketing is going on then its really not good …

  • Shree

    Its available and FK also working fine…So guys go for it before it goes out of sock

  • Tirumala

    I think, they didn’t have any stock with them. That’s why, there are making some drama like huge rush.. website down.. lots of errors.. and finally cannot ship to destination.. useless.. Buy another e-comm site and put all your money on that useless crap, rather than selling on flipkart.. waste of time.. for an hr.

  • Satish

    500 error even logged at 11.03 AM. dropped the idea to buy MOTO E. Thanks to FLIPKART

  • Shiva Prasad

    I booked 5 units for my friends luckily,but flipkart cancelled 4 units without any reason and shipped only 1 unit.

  • jitu

    when will be moto e back???