Goodbye Moto! Motorola to shut shop in India, Asia Pacific

Motorola is shutting down its operations in India and across Asia Pacific, industry sources have confirmed to BGR India. The news comes after Motorola Mobility CEO,  Dennis Woodside, confirmed the company would be letting go of 20 percent of its workforce and would be shrinking its India operations. Emails and calls to Motorola Mobility’s APAC region PR and employees at Motorola Mobility India remain unanswered.

From the way things look like, only those employees who are working on projects related to products in the US will retain their jobs. Motorola will continue to sell its products till stocks last and its service centers will continue to function. Independent real estate companies have confirmed that Motorola’s Hyderabad R&D facility property has been put up for sale.

In the APAC region, the company will shut shop in all countries but Australia and Korea. It turns out that the APAC region bore the brunt of Motorola’s decision to close a third of its 94 global offices. Woodside had earlier indicated the company would exit unprofitable markets, stop making low-end devices and focus on a few cellphones instead of dozens.

UPDATE: Motorola Mobility has reached out to us with an official statement.

Although we are consolidating about a third of our facilities globally, and slimming our operation in India as you reported, we continue to have a significant presence in several key markets in Asia-Pacific in addition to Korea and Australia. This includes, among others, mainland China, which remains one of our main R&D hubs (and where I am based). We should be able to share more information once we’re further through the reorganization process, but Asia-Pacific is an important part of Motorola Mobility’s future.

With inputs from Sahil ‘Bones’ Gupta

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  • superdry

    That’s a shame , paving the way for more flimsy bodied devices , IMHO they should have stayed back n concentrate on high end devices for Indian market with a stable service solutions in place , Moto could have eaten HTC for breakfast …

  • Naga

    That is a bad decision though, very unexpected after Google’s acquisition.. Anyways, Motorola has never tried their best in India, Sales or Service… Very poor… Sad to hear.. But, home they come up soon with Google branding.. Good luck….

  • ravi

    Very said to hear. Motorola is my favourite brand ever. This unexpectable disison.

  • http://google vinay rajput

    I know come back ……with google

  • Prithvi

    I use a Motorola device and am extremely happy with the features and performance. I hope Nokia takes advantage. It is funny that good companies are falling apart – one by one – since 2008. Google can however think of restoring Motorola’s rightful place in India later once the dust settles. Good luck to Motorola .. you are welcome to be back anytime :-)

  • santhosh

    You dumb ass. Have the habbit of getting up early. u think its a brking news? :D (this is the 1st article which i read minutes afta the news broke.)
    And ur giving gyan here with all the wrong content. Edit the subject. Nvr mynd its too old news to edit nything :D

  • DezinoGraphist

    I don’t think Motorola will stop selling mobile phones in lucratively growing Indian smartphone market. They must have closed down the R&D center only in India. Especially after Google acquisition of Motorola, people just started rebuilding confidence in Motorola phones and this is the time to cash in on Google’s strong hold in India. Also, according to press release by Motorola in June they are infact planning to launch Razr V handset in India in September.
    If Motorola is actually planning to quit entirely from Indian Smartphone market, it’s will be their biggest mistake. It’s the time when Apple is started taking Indian market little more seriously and other smartphone manufacturers are jumping in to India.
    Sorry to see Moto Go :(

  • bluezone

    get well soon in india …

    All d best

  • MOTOfan

    Where do you think you guys are going? I just broke my defy plus screen! :-D (honest)
    The devices (smartphone series) are great guys some really better than the limelight hoggers. Its just bad marketing!!!! Good luck moto!!! Woodside you’re a moron…restructure my ass!!!

  • ashish

    I love moto hand sets and never purchaced handset of any other company .please dont go from india

  • Himanshu

    Its ok if u think to leave the Indian market but what its your next strategy.
    Are you ready to rebuild your market in India or just want to quit.
    Please tell me your future plan so that i can shifted to any other brand.

  • Bhalchandra

    Although Motorola has closed down in India, The Economic Times is publishing Motorola advertisements by ET’s sales arm and inducing its readers to purchase unserviceable Motorola Products at high prices. I have been duped. An unserviceable Motorola cellular phone was sold to me.
    Similarly ET is ALS trying to sell unserviceable products of Kodak.
    It is a sad state of affairs that ET is involving itself in such dubious activities.
    Emptor Beware !!!!!