Motorola Mobility officially shuts shop in India

Motorola Mobility officially shuts shop in India
Motorola Mobility officially shuts shop in India

Motorola Mobility has officially shut shop in India and visitors to its Indian website are greeted with a message announcing the same. In August BGR India had exclusively reported Motorola would shut its phone business in India and will only provide after-sales support to existing products in the market.

Important Message to our customers in IndiaWe are streamlining our business and support systems, and unfortunately, we’ll no longer have a dedicated website for India.

Your local support site will remain open well into the future, and we’ll continue to provide support for our existing products.

If you are interested in viewing our current products, you can still do so here.*

*Products on these sites are not guaranteed to be available in your country.

This is really an end of an era and we don’t believe Motorola will restart its operations in India any time soon. Motorola was acquired by Google earlier this year. Under the new leadership of Dennis Woodside, the company decided to exit unprofitable markets and shut down 94 offices globally including India.

Motorola will no longer make low-end handsets and will focus on few smartphones instead of dozens under the new management. The company has hired senior executives from DARPA, Amazon, Nvidia and Nokia for its next generation of smartphones.

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  • Rohan Naravane

    Farewell Motorola! It’s sad to see that some genuinely interesting phones like the MAXX HD never made it to the Indian soil.

  • http://google kalyan thakur

    google ,motorola not closed in india,they are back soon,google help to motorola make strong hardware also,its take time.just wait and watch motorola prepearing them to kick out the other gaint like,samsung,apple and nokia from india and asian market,though china is the second biggest market of motorola