Motorola Moto G exchange deal on Flipkart offers Rs 2,000 for old phones


Flipkart has announced an exchange offer for the Motorola Moto G, which essentially gives you Rs 2,000 discount when exchanging your old phone. The e-commerce site is accepting devices from Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Micromax, Karbonn, Lava and Xolo among others.

When buying the Moto G, you can check if your phone is eligible for the exchange offer via a drop down menu or by entering your IMEI number. If you are eligible, you will get an immediate discount on the Moto G and will have to hand over your old phone when the new device is delivered. The offer is applicable on the 8GB and the 16GB variants, so the price essentially comes down to Rs 10,499 and Rs 11,999 respectively. Flipkart will also be charging around Rs 50 for picking up the old phone, which might vary depending on your location.

Motorola had launched the Moto G in India exclusively with Flipkart. The partnership has been a huge success for both the companies as the e-commerce site saw an unprecedented growth in traffic post the launch. More recently, Motorola launched its flagship Moto X via the same platform.

  • MrSaboteur

    Absolute Qtiyapa, Why would some one exchange his 20K phone for 2K…

    • Pratik Bothra

      But you could also change a crappy phone for 2k. I changed my galaxy ace (working condition, but not a great phone at all now) for the exchange offer. So I’m definitely happy with the offer. For me, it’s a bargain.

      It’s a matter of pick and choose, no one is forcing your hand.

      • MrSaboteur

        lol, you could have sold your Galaxty Ace for more than 2K on OLX or Ouikr

        • Pratik Bothra

          I wasn’t getting more than 1k anywhere. It’s almost a 4 year old phone, that’s a heavenly offer. But each to his own

          • jeasbe

            I sold my two year old ace for 4900 on OLX.

  • Manu Presannakumar

    What’s with the Rs.50 Pickup charge. Flipkart have sort of their own courier service and anyways the new phone will be delivered at the time of pickup, so it makes no sense for charging Rs.50 !! ??

    This is first time they are doing so for exchange offers to make extra profit.

  • jonnes

    I wonder what flipkart will do with old phones

  • Ashish

    This is a HOAX. I was trying te buy a phone but there is no exchange offer on their website!!!!!

  • ranjit singh

    I changed my Sony xpreia e . Month old gud conditions

  • Navin

    do we need to only the exchange the phone or als provide the accessories