Motorola Moto G gets Rs 2,000 off on Flipkart


Motorola Moto G has got price slash as a part of a limited period offer on Flipkart. The offer essentially slashes the price of the Moto G by Rs 2,000, bringing the price of the 8GB variant down to Rs 10,499 and the 16GB variant to Rs 11,999.

motorola-moto-g-flipkart-offerFlipkart has announced a range of offers on the Moto G since launch that includes offering Rs 2,000 off in exchange for an old phone as well as discounts on the back covers. This is the first time the e-commerce site is offering a straight price slash on the popular smartphone. The partnership between Motorola and Flipkart has been fruitful for both the companies. A report earlier this month claimed that in the past five months, Flipkart had sold over a million Motorola smartphones, which includes the Moto G, Moto X and the Moto E.

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To recap, the Motorola Moto G features a 4.5-inch 720p display, Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, AND 8/16GB internal storage. Also included is 5-megapixel rear camera, 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, 2,070mAh battery and it runs on Android KitKat.

You can buy the Motorola Moto G at the discounted price from here.

  • Rahul Gandhi

    lol xiaomi effect.. i saw this coming

  • Call Me PR

    Alright, here’s my theory…

    Wow! MotoG sold for Rs. 12000/- (2000 Off), now that’s a surprise isn’t it!

    Then I read under the stock only…so this got me wondering this is a great phone, I use one and personally love it. There is no reason to slash the prices by Rs. 2000/-

    Then the limited stock bell rang!

    Remember, a while ago the MotoG was in news yet again, not for the greatness of the phone but about how Flipkart was recalling MotoG phones cause the IMEI numbers were not registered. What do you think happened to those phones? Well they are rectified and are back for Rs. 2000/- less.

    Is that all, no…remember flipkart has a 30 day replacement warranty. What do you think happens to those phones.

    Well this is an age old manufacturer sale technique, all these phones, the ones with IMEI Problems or the returned ones, go back to the factory, they get rectified, rechecked for quality or in simple terms refurbished are then re-boxed and sent back into the market for sale (Rs. 2000/- Off).

    So if you are thinking Flipkart is doing you a favor…well think again. The MotoG is a great phone, no doubt about that, but if I were you, I would wait, shell out the extra few bucks and buy a new phone than a refurbished one.

    Now you may think, even then what is the guarantee that they will sell a new phone then and not these refurbished ones. Well, not to worry, they cannot and nor will they sell a factory refurbished phone as a new phone, laws in India might not be very strict, but laws else were are and the last thing Motorola would want to do is screw up once again, after a great home run.

    • Achin Sharma

      I don’t really care as long as it’s cheaper and working fine.