Exclusive: Next-gen Nokia X series smartphones to get a dedicated home button


If you thought Microsoft might nip Nokia’s “Android” smartphones in the bud after completing the acquisition, think again. The erstwhile Nokia team, now Microsoft Mobile, is currently working on the next generation of smartphones in its X-series portfolio and the new smartphones will come with a dedicated home button, BGR India has exclusively learned.

Nokia found a lot of users complaining about the lack of a home button in the Nokia X, which only had a back button. Many users did not realize that long pressing the back button would take them to the home screen rather than having to press it multiple times to reach the home screen one step back at a time.

Reaching the home screen easily is crucial in the Nokia X series as it doesn’t have a regular swipe down notification bar and users have to first go to the homescreen and then reach the Fastlane interface by swiping from the side of the display.

The Nokia X-series of smartphones use the open source version of Android that doesn’t come with any Google service. Instead, Nokia and Microsoft swapped Google services with their own services like Outlook instead of Gmail, Bing instead of Google search, Nokia Maps instead of Google Maps and so on. Nokia has even developed its own app store to replace Google’s Play store for Android.

The series of smartphones were supposed to fill the price gap between cheaper Android smartphones and Nokia’s entry-level Lumia smartphones. However, the Nokia X and XL have been launched upwards of Lumia 520 and Lumia 630 respectively. At the time of unveiling the X series at MWC, Stephen Elop had mentioned that the entry-level prices of Asha, X-series and Lumia smartphones would keep coming down and hopefully, the next generation X-series smartphones would be priced more sensibly.

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  • Jimmyz

    I guess Microsoft will be killing off WP soon, now they have surrendered to google

    • Alex

      Actually, they are not surrendering to google, it’s a way to increase people to the Windows mobile side! Think about it! Also, the modified version of google system with some Microsoft tweaks in means that they don’t have to pay to google as the system is like Linux, it’s open source.
      This is actually a very clever strategy. I’m currently using Nokia 1020 with WP 8.1. It’s so much better than android due to the amount of new features available.

  • amit paruthi

    nokia x, lumia window sucks…