Nokia Lumia 520 gets an official price of Rs 10,499 in India

Nokia Lumia 520 gets an official price of Rs 10,499 in India
Nokia Lumia 520 gets an official price of Rs 10,499 in India

Only last week, Nokia had announced the Lumia 520 and Lumia 720 in India. The Lumia 520 in particular garnered great interest in the public as it would displace the Lumia 620 as the cheapest Windows Phone 8 smartphone in India. But, there was a caveat. Nokia did not disclose the official price of the device, though the company hinted at a price of Rs 10,500. Well, now the device has gone up for pre-order on the Nokia India store for Rs 10,499.

For the uninitiated, the device has a 4-inch 800×480 pixel resolution display, a 1GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon Play processor, 512MB of RAM, 5-megapixel camera minus flash, 8GB of internal memory, and a microSD card slot.

Notably, like all Nokia phones it comes preloaded with a wealth of Nokia exclusive Windows Phones apps like Nokia Drive, Mix Radio, CityLens, and many more.

As far as the differences with the Lumia 620 are concerned, then the Lumia 520 has a slightly larger display than the Lumia 620, but it drops a flash for the rear camera and has no front facing camera nor NFC capabilities, which means it does not support the Windows Phone 8 wallet feature.

All this means, that users will have access to a stunningly fluid smartphone at a price as low as Rs 10,499, something which no Android OEM can match as of now. That said, prices of quad-core Android smartphones is tumbling thick and fast and users can get very compelling devices like the Micromax Canvas HD for as low as Rs 14,990, so if one does not mind paying that extra bit of cash, Android remains a better option.

Photographs: Rohit Sharma

  • anand

    You are comparing Nokia to cheap Chinese phones from micro max?
    Its sad to know that these bloggers don’t know that quad core does not mean faster than dual core.
    All those cheap android quad core has old architecture and slower than dual core s4 inside lumia 520.
    All those phones from micromax, karbonn and cell on are directly bought in China and rebranded, sold in india.

    • iSheep

      Exactly.. I don’t comment here usually, but this is pathetic.. Comparing Nokia product to Micromax

      • BrickT

        Problem with reporters these days is the amount of bias, they can’t appreciate quality and are used to high end products that they can’t form a judgement for the average folks. Middle class person can’t afford to buy phones twice in an year. If Micromax or others just go off, there goes a whole month’s salary with no other phone to fall back upon

  • saumya

    are u sure lumia 520 is coming with a city lens app/? as far as i know that there will be no city lens app bt here map is there.. plz confirm me about it

    • anand

      City lens definitely comes with Lumia 520.
      All the Lumia phones (low end to high end) will get all the Nokia apps.
      Don’t worry.

      • saumya

        @ anand its written in some websites even in nokia’s official site that “the device won’t be able to avail the Nokia’s City lens app as it does not contain on board compass.”..

    • Abhishek

      I dont know its coming with city lens or not. I do know that city lens utilises digital compass which is not present in lumia 520.

  • RaksWeb

    A mobile is not about specifications so a quad core phone does not mean its better than a dual core. Micromax is just pathetic, touchscreens dont work properly, sometimes it just goes off by itself,. Micromax is raste ka maal saste mein. Nokia is far better, there’s no comparision

    • Rajat

      Well. At least one can play temple run on micromax canvas hd, let alone temple run 2, asphalt 7 and tons n tons of android games. Pity, such a premium device from a “well known” manufacturer can’t even run temple run which perhaps a 4 year old apple iPhone 3GS can.

      • Rakhi

        Its not the mistake of WP or Nokia. These phones are certainly capable of running temple run and even more high end games.

        The reason these games not available for 512Mb devices is they are not tested on those devices. Developers need to test their games on these 512MB devices and release for all the devices.
        They will work fine then.

        Microsoft not allowing the games without tested for these phones. So the users will not have issues with the,

        You don’t know shit about it. Get to know the reasons behind the issue.

        Your so called Micromax is shit. The popular Canvas 2 has the worst screen. It hangs a lot. Gets hot.

        • sid.OafTobark

          You seem like wanting to play crysis 3 on your 10k device.

          Micromax Canvas HD screen is good if not worst. Apparently, you should compare the screen with Lumia’s 520.
          Also, if you know so much about Microsoft’s secrets and marketing business open up a blog and start unraveling their mysteries!

          You are one of those person who is just criticizing stuff and not dealing with it practically.
          Nokia by launching 520 has not made its way to the top. Samsung , Apple, HTC, Sony are ruling there.

  • Rajendra


    Do you know anything about processors? How they work? Which ones will have more performance?

    From your last paragraph its clear that you either don’t know anything about processors or you are biased.
    I have been following this site for sometime and its clear to me that here everyone is biased.

    The processor speed depends on architecture. More cores does not mean more performance.
    Dual core with latest architecture will have more performance than quad core with older architecture.

    S4 processor in Lumia 520 has latest architecture.
    All those Micromax, Karbonn, Celkon phones have Mediatek processors which are based on very old and low performance architectures which are slow compared to S4.

    Performance depends a lot on OS also. WP is very well optimized which utilizes the processing power very efficiently.
    Android on the other hand hangs a lot with ever those quad core processors.

  • rock

    The stable O.S on the planet is apple I.O.S no matter how much u people say abt wp or android……I.O.S is still the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rutul666

    What is the point of comparing 520 with all these quad cores phones, the intention of Nokia behind launching this device is to be competative in the entry level smartphone market, insanely fast phone is not paramount for everyone, certainly not for budget conscious people, and at little over 10k you get a phone which is beautiful to look at, got a decent performing processor, camera and an intriguing OS which app ecosystem is growing positively, what more one can ask for. The writer of this article really needs to see things apart from the world of “hyper fast phones” and show a little appreciation towards a wonderful devices like Nokia 520, if I were given the choice to pick between Micromax and Nokia, I’d choose the latter, everytime and I don’t think that I’d be the only soul to do so.

  • Hemakumar

    Nokia getting compared to micromax.I never used micromax (luckily)but can understand the feelings of droids.The same guy would have written something if Nokia 520 comes up running Android.I know Nokia means Quality but micromax means ?

  • Vinod

    Sahil Bones Gupta and Rajat Aggarwal are smoking a lot of crack these days! God bless such “tech gurus”.

  • Manjunath P

    Hi guys,

    2 things I came to know 2 day

    1) Nokia has still fans
    2) understanding the technicality of these quad core, dual core.

    One thing proved
    1. Canvas sucks

    People should realise how much these smart phones are stealing your personal data. I thinks android is worst among them.

    Nokia 520 will rock.

    One fact – no one will buy a second hand micromax

  • ishwar

    tommorow micromax is launching a phone with 20inch display and SAHIL will be its first customer ……

  • Tarun

    Nokia is back!!

  • jsingh

    Micromax+android= sucks

    Lumia 520 is almost equal to htc8s with 8k lesser price.. Its good for dose who never mind about cheap apps …lumia 520 is great device…just go for it….

  • jsingh

    Micromax+android= sucks

    Lumia 520 is almost equal to htc 8s with 8k lesser price.. Its good for dose who never mind about cheap apps …lumia 520 is great device…just go for it….

  • jamal


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