Nokia Lumia 710 goes on sale in India tonight for Rs 18,999

Nokia Lumia 710 goes on sale in India tonight for Rs 18,999
Nokia Lumia 710 goes on sale in India tonight for Rs 18,999

We now have confirmation from Nokia India that the Lumia 710 is also going on sale in India tonight. It will carry a best buy price of Rs 18,999 and will be available exclusively at Nokia Priority Partners and dealers for a week post which it will be available across retail stores in India. Even the Lumia 800 goes on sale from tonight for a best buy price of Rs 29,999. The Lumia series of Windows Phone smartphones are the beginning of Nokia’s new smartphone roadmap that CEO Stephen Elop initiated in February this year, where it will be Microsoft’s most important handset partner. Nokia will continue to support Symbian till at least 2016. Watch out for our review of the Lumia 800 coming up soon.

  • Raghu Chandra

    This is the device to look for. If the performance is smooth then it would be a killer device in its segment. Most android phones in that price segment suffer from lack of smoothness and bad battery life. If this phone can address those issues it would be a good competitor.

    I think nokia is capable enough to push out a 10K price range winmo phone as well eventually. That would help conquer price sensitive markets like India by providing quality phones with quality OS on it.

    Critical time for nokia ahead!

    • Madhav Tripathi

      Yes Raghu, it will be a Good choice over Lumia 800, who can not afford Lumia 800 they can satisfy desires with Lumia 710.

    • GEEK

      I agree with you, as most android phones in this price range suffer from lack of smoothness which is the top most priority when buying a smartphone.

      And I can assure you that this device performs better than every android phone out in the market even with dual cores. Windows phone 7.5 OS is gorgeous and fluid.

  • Jai

    I just checked up the stores, the price of Nokia Lumia has been dropped drastically..