Nokia Lumia 800 to get Windows Tango update soon, will bring Internet sharing feature

Nokia is expected to roll-out an update for the Lumia 800 in the coming days that will update the phone OS to Windows Phone Tango. The software build has been spotted on Nokia’s servers and bears the build version 1750.805.8773.12140.

Windows Phone Tango version will finally bring Internet sharing (creating a Wi-Fi hotspot from the phone’s data connection) and enhanced MMS capabilities among other features. We also hope to see further improvement in the device’s battery performance. Considering the update is already present on Nokia’s servers, it should be rolled out pretty soon.


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  • Andrew Bradford

    So has the update been launched yet? or is still to come?
    I’m asking because I live in the UK and have an iphone 4, i tried the lumia 800 in store and love both the physical design and the OS metro design, I’m now ready to buy a lumia but the 900 isn’t out here yet and I’m considering getting the blue Nokia Lumia 800…but only if it gets this update….Would really appreciate a response regarding this, thanks :)