Nokia Lumia 920 is not launching in India in November [and it is not delayed]

Nokia Lumia 920 is not launching in India in November [and it is not delayed]
Nokia Lumia 920 is not launching in India in November [and it is not delayed]

Earlier this month Nokia sent out this global press release that stated it will launch the Lumia 920 in India in November. This took us by surprise as all our sources had indicated that Nokia would launch the new Lumia smartphones in India later and not in the first wave.  And that remains to be the case. Nokia is not launching the Lumia 920 in India in November as it had always planned. So what happened? Read on…

Turns out India wasn’t supposed to be mentioned in that press release and it was an error. A Nokia India spokesperson has confirmed the same to BGR India and Nokia India will announce the availability details as soon as they freeze on the launch date. We were told by our sources that the phones were currently being tested extensively with all carriers in India to ensure that they don’t face any issues after the launch.

It was an unfortunate error on Nokia’s part to include India in the list of countries but it is always better to have some clarity on the launch timeline. Yes, the extra period of wait could have been avoided but we would rather have a product that works well on our carriers than having to wait for a software patch after buying the device.

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  • Abhishek

    WTF !!
    India is one of the best market in mble industry then y nokia is ignoring ??

    • vignesh

      nokia is not ignoring india its testing its mobile with the carriers in india ,it dosnt mean ignoring,its focusing to give the best smartphone experience to india

  • Rahul

    Thats why samsung is no.1 in india

  • TechTick

    That’s unfortunate

  • Danish

    All of a sudden Nokia is treating India like secondary market and making DUMB decisions!! Dumping unsold old lumia stock in India,launching useless symbian asha phones which is apparently a dead OS and tie-up with football brands to promote phones I mean wtf who will buy your phones?!?! Oh I forget to mention the lame ad which had a tag line “Celebrate Holi this Diwali”…Seriously??? The entire Nokia India management must be fired!! Jai Ho Samsung n Htc!!! Even apple has launched its phone here!

    • rishabh

      dude asha series is not symbian. They are java based s40 devices.
      First Get your facts straight

      • danish

        Who cares if it Symbian or some java based shit! It looks,feels and performs the same way…Also an OS like that has no future its basically DOA! Sensible people would rather pay up a couple of thousand more and buy an android device…

      • Ritesh

        Being JAVA based doesn’t change the fact that its a piece of shit.

    • Girish

      Nokia INDIA TEAM is USELESS shit!!!! ALWAYS Updates come slow to India, all phones are launched late in India, they are Dumping Old Lumia 710s 810s and 900s in India, even 900 came to india after 2 months of global launch,..NOKIA ‘INDIA’ is useless…

  • Karan

    iPhone 5 not in the stock after launch and its 14th… Nor Nokia Lumnia 920 coming now.. Just sold my galaxy note and the waiting is killing me…

    True that they dont care about Indians and our market…They are more concerned about the English markets!!

  • Hunaid

    I just had Long Distance Call with the Nokia Care Centre Expert from Jaipur, Rajasthan, he confirmed me that Nokia Lumia 920 & 820 will not be released in India this Year, it will be released Next Year in January. He Explained me that he has already got the Quarterly List of Gadgets which are going to be released by Nokia for Q4, & it does not Include any other Phone from Lumia Series, as the latest Phone has already been released in Lumia series which is Nokia Lumia 510.
    There are no plans for release of any other Nokia Lumia device this year…… SAD, Nokia just lost 1 customer.. Now going on my way to buy HTC Windows Phone 8X !

    This is confirmed, you can call Nokia All of India Call centre or do a Live Chat on Support & you will get the same Reply !

  • Manju

    There you go.. I have been flooding there nokiaindia tweeter account with messages about the frustration of waiting for lumia 920. being an apple fanboy i was really impressed with WP8 and white Lumia920 and wanted to try it. they are loosing the potential customers !!

  • Kay

    HTC I’m Coming :)

  • anuj

    they are already delayed it should have been launched around Diwali itself, now they would wait for Holi no point otherwise

  • Anuj

    Nokia india team is really disconnected with the market they forgot iphone 5 sold out on day of launch in India

  • Nehul

    stupid badass nokia
    Nokia in greed to grab US Market is gambling on Indian Market which is 5X big

    Nokia are u really serious to dumb ur old stock in this country

    Simply i wil say FUCK YOU BITCH

  • Hashturf

    With Lumia 920/820 not in sight for some time you might be think for alternatives; with HTC 8X already in pre-order status; one word of caution; you will pay the full money but will not get full features; pre-order in flipkart for HTC 8X does not has LTE/4G capability;

  • Hargobind Shan

    There they loose more off their market share too android & ios, htc is already here with 8x and by nxt year jan sony and sammyy will bash their sales

  • Ankit

    Now that’s called being dumb.

  • Indus

    1. India are never on priorities of Nokia – Finland management. Take for example L900 release date & price in India. L900 is selling in US for 1$ with contract.
    2. This is a combined goofup by Finland and Nokia India. Nokia India were sleeping trying to palm off L800 & L900 in the name of Diwali & freebies. Nokia Finland press release has India by mistake – bluffing again. L920 has even been released in UAE now. Indians are smarter than that – Nokia. Nokia did not bother to train the zillion retail managers across India on L920/ 820 – which is partly reason for delay. Now Nokia India comes out of Diwali holiday and says L920 not releasing in November. After few days they will say mid Jan ’13 or Feb ’13. The they will say 45k – same as iPhone 5.
    3. No – nokia are not doing any great testing on L920/820 with Indian carriers as being suggested. Nor will L920 have TD-LTE (4G) in the 2300 MHz band. L920/820 does not support 2300 MHz. I guess it supports TD-LTE though (China mobile has L920T – with TD-LTE suport). Thanks to our EGOM, India is one of only 4 countries using 2300 MHz for LTE. Do not expect LTE phones from anyone here.
    4. On the positive side the odd 2300 MHz and TD-LTE is a great opportunity for nokia – here in India – it will change their waning image here – hope they are listening.

  • rps

    nokia has only one decent market these days and thats not launching its flagship phone here nokia is digging its own grave.and its a q to shift over to other brands.shame on u nokia.

  • neelima

    time to update your content, Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 coming to India in first week of December

    • Maddy

      I hope they do, but considering the fact that Lumia 900 released 3-4 months after the global release, and Australian carrier Telstra has confirmed on Twitter that globally the stock for 920 is low since demand is “amazingly high”, I do not have much hope. If Nokia doesnt release in India in stores by Dec.20, they will lose another customer forever. Its time to change my N8 and I cant wait longer. Its either Nokia or Galaxy S3

    • Hunaid

      I called Nokia Care & also a Top Notch Inside Nokia Dealer. Both Confirmed that Nokia Lumia 920 & 820 will not be coming to India this Year, Hell, according to their Q4 Quarterly List the Lumias are not even in the launching list for the Month of January 2013. Nokia L920 & L820 will not be available in India until next year, it is going to be LATE…….. VERY LATE !
      And this is a CONFIRMED REPORT !

  • Enthusisast

    I am not amazed with this news, actually I was when I first read about 920 being released among first lot of countries. However, I am concerned about nokia’s WP8′s strategy in India. I would imagine 820 (or similar) should launch in India by December else they are doomed,

  • Prasanth

    Thats it. I am tired of waiting for this one. There are other always other options.

  • Manjunath

    What to say about Nokia… It will announce a phone in jan and release it in dec and people saying they are testing to give the best. Nokia 920 should have hit the shelfs by this time. I don’t know why Nokia has dumped lumia 900 at last moment ( I think they were testing will all oparators to give the best ). Why do Nokia take so much time to release a phone … I am going for HTC 8x once the yellow color is launched. Big thumb down from Nokia

  • Karan

    Well! Well Nokia wants Indians to buy the outdated Lumnia 900 to coverup the loss.. They know people will buy it India not in eastern countries.

    So they are trying to act smart selling the outdated 900 with lumnia tag.. I request everyone to stop purchasing Nokia. They have become real cheap with poor customer services. Go for Samsung or HTC! They are doing really good…

    Nokia is a fail!

  • hrishikesh

    i think htc 8x is available to buy with 4 days shipping on saholic-

    • Manjunath

      Yes the black one is on sale…I will wait for the yellow one to launch

  • Prabhjot Singh

    Nokia Lumia 920 amd 820 were sold in limited wuantities on for rs 26000 and 21000 respectively. And i confirmed with the nokia people…. That they have the training session for the phone with retailers on 25th November and you can expect the phone to hit stores in mid december for a price of around 35-37k !

    • Hrishikesh

      Only Lumia 820 will be released in india this year. 920 will be late. By then most of the people will already have bought the iPhone 5, 4S, s3, one x n other good phones. Moreover windows phone 8 is getting bad reviews due to random reboots and freezing issues. Both the 8X and L920 are plagued with this problem. Bad signs for Nokia already.

      • Hunaid

        Nokia is not going to release any NEW PHONE especially these Lumia 920 & 820 this year !

  • Hunaid

    Nokia Lumia 920 will arrive in India in January 15, 2013. Here is the proof :

  • mohan

    Nokia India added a page to register for the release date of nokia lumia 920 in India. Check my Blog to know more

  • Keshav

    HTC 8X now available on Flipkart and there is sufficient stock.

  • zahor

    nokia lumia 920 release oct. this month december not coming, isiliye nokia flop hai ???

    same time announce but market HTC 8X now available