Nokia peeks into the future, lets users to 3D print Lumia 820′s back cover

We have been hearing for the past few years how 3D printers would let users make everything from tiny screws to cars and everything in between in the future. According to Nokia, the future is here. The Finnish handset giant is giving out all the necessary files and instructions for 3D printer users to print their own back covers for the Lumia 820.

The 3D-Print Development Kit (3DK) has the 3D templates, case specs, recommended materials and best practices instructions, which can be found herehere and here. This is the first time that any handset vendor has done anything like this. Yes, your friendly neighborhood printing guy is unlikely to have a 3D printer and it is going to be super expensive to print just one custom case, but it is a good start nevertheless.

Let us know in the comments below what would you print if you had access to a 3D printer.


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  • Hargobind Shan

    Hana whose gonna spend extra dollars for a stupid case..BTW i would prefer printing a fully functional galaxy s4 ,:)..

  • xxx

    I would like to ask samsung to fit galaxy s3 in the body of apple iphone 5….but I knw they won’t do that. They must not take risk another billions dollar punishment. but I need galaxy s3 in iphone 5 body or other beautiful case having about 4inch display.

  • Deepanker

    3D printers.. amazing concept :D