Nokia to announce 1GHz S40 handset, three others tomorrow

Three dual SIM devices and the first Nokia phone with a 1 GHz processor – those are the handsets that Nokia is expected to announce tomorrow at CommunicAsia 2011. We have been informed by reliable sources that the three dual SIM handsets will be the C2-00,  the X1-01 and the C2-06, while the phone with the 1 GHz processor will be an S40 handset, abou C2-06, Niot which the rumour market has been buzzing for a while. We have already talked of the C2-00 and the X1-01, which Nokia had unveiled in a twin-studded event in India a few weeks ago – both (pictured above) are dual SIM devices with 1.8 inch displays and long battery lives. The C2-00 also has a VGA camera. The C2-06 is a slightly higher level dual SIM offering, featuring a slider form factor, a 2.0-megapixel camera as well as the “touch and type” feature that Nokia has been pushing in many of its handsets. The main item of interest, however, is likely to be the S40 device with the 1 GHz processor whose existence came to light, thanks to a Tweet (since deleted, but fortunately retained thanks to screen captures – see above again) by one of Nokia’s managers in South America. The device will have a ClearBlack touchscreen display and 512 MB RAM, making it one of the most powerful devices to come out from Nokia’s stables in terms of hardware. We are still scratching our heads, though, on whether S40 would be able to make the most of all that muscle. We will find out tomorrow. Or if our sources get REALLY helpful maybe even later today. This space…do watch.

  • rAg

    1GHz for a S40 device? Seriously? Nokia now trying to compete in the foolish spec wars as well huh!

  • ChenZi

    I am not at all sure about the utility of 1 Ghz processor on a s40 device with < 2 inches of screen, 2 megapix camera and whopping 512 MB! Will it be upgradable to Windows 7 phone?!
    Or is it just a hardware showoff without any real value and utility..

  • gaurav kapur

    i am waiting for this dual sim phone s40 and touchscreen of course . nokia makes good phones and software is also good and reliable too