Nokia to launch Windows Phone 7.5 smartphones in India tomorrow

Nokia to launch Windows Phone 7.5 smartphones in India tomorrow
Nokia to launch Windows Phone 7.5 smartphones in India tomorrow

Nokia is all set to launch its Lumia series of Windows Phone 7.5 smartphones in India tomorrow. This will probably one of those rare instances when India will be part of a half-a-dozen countries that will get a high-profile smartphone while others will have to wait for at least a couple of months. We are not sure whether Nokia will launch both the Lumia 800 and 710 right now. Both Microsoft and Nokia are expected to launch a massive marketing campaign to ensure its success. Nokia has bet the company on the table for Windows Phone and its performance in India will be a key indicator whether the company is headed in the right direction. Nokia’s success will define whether Microsoft still has a role to play in the smartphone space.

According to Nokia’s global announcement last month, the Lumia 710 should be priced slightly below Rs 20,000 and the Lumia 800 at slightly under Rs 30,000. The Lumia 800, in particular, has received pretty good reviews globally. However, with the momentum Android has at the moment in India, it is yet to be seen if consumers get excited by Windows Phone 7.5. (Related: Windows Phone 7.5 review.)

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  • Raghu Prodduturi

    If the Lumia 800 was priced at around 25 to 27k price range it would have got sold like crazy I guess.

  • Gouthaman Karunakaran

    I’m definitely getting the Nokia 710 and it has almost everything that I’ll need.

    Amazon Kindle App, Twitter App, Email, WhatsApp – That’s all I need.

  • Amr

    All is fine with the phones… except for the fact that maximum memory is 16GB, which is just not enough.

    Nokia should have a 32GB model.

  • Anoop Tiwari

    This is India and Nokia is what we know for Mobiles so this is a golden opportunity for both Microsoft and Nokia to capture huge numbers with these two phones… especially Lumia 800. People in India except Metros still stay away from high-end phones if they are priced above 25K. (just look at N8)
    With Lumia 800 around that figure [may be less :-)] and Lumia 710 around 17-19K and WP7 will see a strong boost in numbers from this country. Just look at the numbers of Samsung Focus i917 sold at at around 13-14K if they want any proof of this theory.

  • Ratul

    pricing will be interesting to know along with the specs! i expect lower price range from Nokia

  • Robin sharma

    What will b the price of it?