Samsung could be working on a 5.9-inch Galaxy Note III: Report

While the Galaxy S IV might be landing soon on the March 14, the rumor mill now seems to be shifting its focus towards the next Samsung flagship that will be the Galaxy Note III. A Korean Times report suggests that Samsung is working on a 5.9-inch model that will have an OLED display and will be powered by its new Exynos Octa 5 chip that could also power the Galaxy S IV.

This bit of news comes contrary to previous reports that have suggested a 6.3-inch model and it looks like while Samsung believes in the ‘bigger is better’ philosophy, however its not throwing in the kitchens sink with a gargantuan phablet that has a display in excess of 6-inches.

Previous versions of the Galaxy Note phablet have had 5.2 and 5.5-inch displays. Chinese OEMs like Huawei and ZTE have already announced products that have bigger displays than the Galaxy Note II, so it will be interesting to see what strategy Samsung adopts.

Photographs: Eshan Shetty

  • Bhaskar

    Such a ridiculous thing! Or I get the point here… Samsung cannot make quality phones with a smaller size or I call a mobile-phone size!
    That’s why they keep coming up with a gigantic devices which are like flying cars… The worst part is, the very same product gets price slash of 50% or more from the showroom within 6 months from launch. Even without any technical and usefulness enhancement they keep coming up with newer versions, effectively robbing customers :)