Samsung Galaxy Grand 5-inch budget phablet announced

Samsung Galaxy Grand 5-inch budget phablet announced
Samsung Galaxy Grand 5-inch budget phablet announced

It was rumored for a long time in the wake of the successful Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II, but today Samsung has officially come out in the open and unveiled the Galaxy Grand, which now becomes its budget Android phablet. Additionally, Samsung will also launch a dual-SIM variant of the same.

Essentially, it is a toned down version of the Galaxy Note II and industrial design wise it’s very similar to the Galaxy S III, but has a slightly larger 5-inch display.

Now Samsung does make many trade-offs so that this is a more affordable product. Firstly, even though it has a 5-inch display it only has an 800×480 pixel resolution, which is vastly inferior to the 720p resolution seen on the Note II. Processor wise also, it features a dual-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz, the Note II on the other hand has a quad-core processor. Perhaps the biggest omission is the S-Pen stylus that adds a new dimension to the Galaxy Note.

That said, it retains a number of features that have made Samsung Android smartphones very popular. For instance it shares the same 8-megapaixel rear and 2-megapixel cameras with features like zero shutter lag that have been seen before in the Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy S III.

It also runs on Android 4.1 with the TouchWiz Nature UX running on top. Additionally, Samsung add-ons like multi-view that basically allows users to open two apps simultaneously, S-Voice the Siri like voice assistant, Smart Alert and Pop-Up video that allows users to view a video in a small window while doing other work at the same time. Besides this, because Jelly Bean, users will also get access to standard Google features like Google Now and an enhanced Google Search experience.

Samsung has revealed no date of availability and pricing information.

  • Aalaap Ghag

    Samsung is finally feeling the Micromax Canvas pinch!

  • ANIl

    @Aalaap Ghag : Well said boss. It will compete with micromax canvas 2

  • Haish

    Samsung good bye booked ip5 white, sold note 2. Stop making such idiots (plastic) phone

    • Anil

      Galaxy Note 2 to iPhone 5 ? What a transition. Limousine to Mini Cooper !

      iPhone 5 small screen is irritating and non-customizable home screen makes boring experience after a while.

      iOS is getting saturated with no big value additions for last 4 years. The major advancement we saw was multitasking when going from 3.2 to .4.0

      As there is no major change in OS it is still able to run on older iPhone (3GS onwards).
      Surely Apple took the lead and revolutionist the mobile phone their recent updates are evolutionary – One row of icons was added in last 5 years.

      • Gaurav

        @Anil : Form and function are two major thing in Product design and by that standard iPhone 5 surpasses all.

        Let me ask you when thing about your view on OS like Android being Open Source,How many application you have made or kernel you have tweaked in Android ?

        Changing software is pure change in thinking and function ideology. Android is cheap and buggy on most of the installs. But being cheap it is available at every price point and hence people say it popular.

        Android and iPhone is just like Hyundai and Subaru in WRC ;).

        • isanto

          @Gaurav : well said.. my one of the reindeer antriod got corrupted due to open source.. just went to service center..

  • siraj ahmed

    No company will compare to samsung gallaxy GRAND features and its costs…etc

    i am very glad to took this…