Samsung Galaxy S III receives another price cut, now available for Rs 28,900

Online retailers are now offering the Samsung Galaxy S III for Rs 28,900. The Samsung flagship was originally launched at a steep price of Rs 42,900 and over the last few months it has gone through a series of price cuts.

This means ever since its launch Samsung has reduced its price by Rs 14,000. Previously, it was available for Rs 31,900, and this latest price cut ensures that it maintains its competitive edge with other flagship Android smartphones that were launched in the first half of 2012 like the HTC One X.

  • kushal

    its available on flipkart

  • Rahul

    Flip kart is actually offering a cash back offer which brings the price to 27400.. But I definitely think these frequent price cuts by Samsung will definitely keep a lot of early adopters of their flagship at bay.. I definitely will think twice before buying a Samsung phone within 6 months of launch

  • Titan

    Available at eBay for 26815 with coupon code . See

  • sri_tech

    In India more people bought note/note 2 than S3.
    S2 was very successful but S3 is not because of very huge launch price. Only recently it came down to 32k.

    With the release of grand no one is gonna buy the S3. In 2-3 months they will release the S4.

    These are the reasons for steep price cuts.

  • Rahul

    Even note 2 prices have been cut to 34900.. But market operating price somewhere near 31k