Samsung Galaxy S IV likely to have S Pen stylus

New reports coming from South Korea indicate that the next generation of Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphone will have the same S Pen input like the one currently found on the Galaxy Note. The Galaxy S IV is expected to be launched in April 2013. It is likely to sport a 5-inch 1080p HD AMOLED display.

While it was earlier expected that the Galaxy S IV would run on an Exynos 5440 quadcore processor, it is now believed that it could run on ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture that would have a A7 processor for basic tasks coupled with an A15 processor for processor intensive tasks.

Apart from this, it is likely that the Galaxy S IV would sport a 13-megapixel camera, which is likely to become the norm for all flagship smartphones next year. If the Galaxy S IV indeed sports the S Pen, it would be interesting to see how Samsung differentiates it from its Galaxy Note line-up. Probably a bigger display might end up being the sole differentiator.


  • Titan

    7 inch size for note and probably it will beat S IV interms of sales

  • Haish

    Samsung is *******
    Firstly they given all the features of note 2 in old one.
    Now spen to s4 then y u r selling note 2.
    I m idiot i bot note 2.