Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500) starts getting Android 4.4.2 KitKat update in India


Samsung has started rolling out Android 4.4.2 KitKat updates for the Galaxy S4. The new update brings with it a KitKat style white status bar notification icons, an improved lockscreen with a camera shortcut, fullscreen album art, improved keyboard, new emoji support and an option to choose between the stock messaging app or Google Hangouts to send or receive texts among others.

Users will require 1GB of free space to download and install the update on their phones. For those who haven’t got a notification about a software update can head to Settings -> About Phone -> Software Update -> Update, to manually check about the update. Samsung is rolling it out in phases so if you haven’t got it yet, you will soon.

If you have updated your Galaxy S4 to Android 4.4.2 KitKat, do let us know in the comments section below.


Hat Tip @R_aJa_t!

  • Rahul

    No Updates in Bangalore so far!!

    • Thushi

      @Bangalore: Yesterday I got a notification regarding the update.It was something around 350 MB and i wasn’t having the wifi connection so i just cancelled it…and today i’m going to update it.

      • Thushi

        Today I tried to update but now it is showing the latest updates have been already installed :( :( :(

        • prudhvi

          if u got solved with this issue plsss let us know the solution….

          • Sukku George

            Hi also got same experience…

          • Chaithanya Sudhakar

            same here

          • Sukku George

            i got ota update …i installed it…im using it now…my problem solved…

          • Redback Vikash Icefire

            what is ur baseband version

          • Sukku George

            my problem solved…i got ota update…i installed and using now…

        • Sukku George

          In kies 3 it is showing update to install, when I start to update, kies is getting freeze with no response…

          • arko

            kies is not the choice to get an update.. better try from device itself it will do..

        • RASHID


        • Albinxavier333

          The same shit is happening for me too..

        • Aman Sethi

          Do one thing, if really cant wait . go to the service centre and ask for the official update . keep a backup of your phone and get it updated from the service centre… it will give you better and stable update as OTA update looses few stuff when downloaded like the new black preinstalled wallpapers in the s4 update … and trust me, they are pretty awesome :)

  • Prashant Jain

    haven’t got yet, me too in bangalore…:(

    • Nish7494

      Hi Guys,
      I am new to using this device and only brought my S4 yesterday.
      My version of Android still shows 4.2.2 even though i ran a few OTA updates after switching it on.
      I did not receive any firware updates yet and not sure about the kitkat update as well.
      So, kindly assist me in further version updates.
      your response & help is much appreciated!!

      • Kabir

        Same here mate . recently got myself Galaxy S4 (i9500) and since then have been trying to update but to no avail . Stuck at 4.2.2 .dont worry i am sure we’ll get the update soon . Cheers

    • umesh

      Hi.I have not received kitkat update yet in bangalore. How about you, did u receive it.


    bangalore still no update… can any1 tell if they have got update in bangalore??

    • Syed Moheimeen

      update started,am in chennai,its updating (ota)with wifi,353.59 mb.will take 20 min if it is 4mbps speed.

    • Shriram

      Got it in Bangalore through Kies 3. It just detected automatically… not sure if I should go for an update as I hear a lot of SD card behavior issue

    • Divith Gowda

      try Kies bro! am from BLR and did it last night.

  • Pravash

    I got a notification yesterday. I cancelled as i didn’t have wifi at my office. When I check to update now, its showing the system is up to date.

    • Chaithanya Sudhakar

      same problem here


    i got the update just now…. aft trying for 30 to 40times…
    its 353.59mb

  • D’Wall

    Now updating! 658.31MB

  • AJ

    Got the updated after manually checking.. approx. 350 mb. Update in progress now!

  • suresh

    I got the update yesterday… working wonderful

  • Rahul

    Got the update today. Some 350 MB. Haven’t updated it yet. Hope it is the 4.4.2… What’s new?

  • Ayabuya Kyu Ntlombeni

    Nothing is South Africa as of yet :(

  • Montzzz

    updated it yesterday n its wrking fine !!!

  • Ajai

    I’m in chennai its in progress now… hope it will work fine…

    • Syed Moheimeen

      are u sure,u got the update,i tried updating to samsung s4 with wifi,it says current is upto date 4.3…help me out bro…

      • Syed Moheimeen

        yes it is working for is 353.59 mb.

      • Sandipan

        Already updated yesterday in Chennai

      • Sandipan

        Already updated yesterday in Chennai

  • sree

    update is really awsome guys

  • Shyam Lohana

    got the update at while back, its made the phone really snappy!!

  • Mohd Rider

    no updates in malaysia too .. please respond .. ? ..

  • pratik batavia

    done updated yesterday afternoon at around 12pm….
    the firmware is 373 mb

  • Pranav

    No 4.4 updates in pune yet…anyone got it?

  • Abhishek

    I have updated my galaxy s4 and after I m facing many problems that smart pause, stay not working well and battery life is betting fast

  • tushar

    i am updating firmware from kies it use 1.3gb and not completed yet only 60% done dont no whats happening


    No updates in Israel so far!
    Please tell me why.. Thanks !

  • vikraman

    guys it works I am at Chennai India got it kitkat rocksssssssssss

  • James Mack

    No Updates in Tripura so far!!

  • tushar

    i am done nothing special….

  • sugandh

    just updated my device to 4.4.2 with kies.

  • sugandh

    you can check the status of release in your country from sam mobiles firmware section.

  • Rahul B

    hey how to get update through kies which kies version u r using

  • tushar

    only kies 3

  • Rahul B

    yea got update through kies only

  • Rahul B

    hey what to do kies download upgeading component then what.?


    fuck of man till now i have not got d update not from kies nd not from manually also m fom mumbai wht to do plzz rply

  • Gab

    No Updates in United Arab Emirates yet. :/

  • Prudhvi

    I cancelled update for the first time. When I check to update now, its showing the system is up to date.

    • Sukku George

      Ialso experienced same problem…

  • Sukku George

    I really hate the updates with samsung….they make these updates very disgusting manner…

  • Sukku George

    That kies application itself is very freezing app…we dont knowwwhen it will get freeze…

  • Sukku George

    Nokia is very very better than samsung in this case…

  • Sukku George

    They shouldnt make updates and kies app in this critical…ihate I hate ihate…I thinkbby paying 40k weaare buying these difficulties…very bad…

  • Anindya

    successfully updated to 4.4.2 directly (i.e. without kies) in Kolkata

    • Redback Vikash Icefire

      pls let me know ur baseband version.. i am also in kolkata bt when i check for update it shows the latest software is already installed

  • Anindya

    successfully installed 4.4.2 via on air software update in Kolkata !! :)

    • Sel Fish

      m also having gt-i9500 model from kolkata also but did not get the update

  • rpk

    updated to 4.4 y’day. size is 350MB + and so far good.

  • Bonkers

    Just updated my i9500 with the 4.4.2 B-) (@ Bangalore) Did it via Samsung Kies.

    • ajay

      how did you install using kies? is that root version?

  • pratik

    it shows the update while i am using mobile data it start to download the update package and it will be failed after few moments and while i am using wifi network it shows the you have been use the latest version……..

  • Sukku George

    i got ota kitkat update…i downloaded, installed& using it now…my problem solved….thank u samsung…

  • Suresh

    I could download 4.4.2 update and the icons on status bar changed to white

  • TechOmanic

    no updates here in central zone (in Bhopal) till now…waiting for it eagerly.. :(

  • Redback Vikash Icefire

    not getting updates for baseband version I9500DDUEMK9..
    anyone getting pls let me know

    • devansh

      same here

  • GG

    I updated S4 to kitkat yesterday. absolutely not much change though fone became a bit fast. but major issue in GPS locking, phone continously searches GPS (if on) unable to lock and heats up, then hangs which has to be rebooted by taking battery off… repeatedly facing this problem. GPS icon flashes continuously in lock mode..then in home mode.

  • Chaithanya Sudhakar

    i jus updated mine to kitkat from 4.3
    but i dont observe any appreciable changes in appearance from 4.3
    can any of you post some pictures please

  • Kiran

    I just got my S4 updated to Android KitKat – 4.4.2 using Samsung Kies.

  • Sel Fish

    not geting the 4.4 update via kies3.2 or via manual from mobile ,, need a help

    • KuL

      Me too

  • Anuja

    I m from pune and tomm i brought S4 with OS 4.2.2 i m not able to update CAN ANYBODY HELP

  • shoaib

    no updates in chennai so far ,the last one was abt 3 months ago

  • Giddu

    After the upgrade, my magnetic sensors aren’t working…..

  • Nish7494

    Hi Guys,
    I am new to using this device and only bought S4 yesterday.
    My version of Android still shows 4.2.2 even though i ran a few OTA updates after switching it on.
    I did not receive any firware updates yet and not sure about the kitkat update as well.
    So, kindly assist me in further version updates.
    your response & help is much appreciated!!

  • Banker

    Am not getting Kitkat update still :(
    Just bought new s4 a week back from India. It is stuck at 4.2.2
    When I check for updates, it says “All the latest updates have been already installed” :(

  • asish pattanayak

    today i tried to update.. but it is showing the latest updates have already been installed.. not getting any software updates… notifications…. :-( :-(

  • Rahul Yadav

    i have not received the update… tried today, however its showing the latest updates have been already installed

  • zf

    Hi. Iv updated my s4 but since then im facing a problem. Whenever I try to play a video on youtube or from my gallery, the whole screen starts to flicker. Can anyone help, plzzz

  • RedSmurf

    Don’t update to 4.4! You can’t use your SD card!

  • vineeth

    I bought my s4 gt i9505 from uae . BT still I didn’t get the updation to 4.4. Any ideas about that?