Samsung Galaxy S5 India price of Rs 51,000 is a big mistake


Samsung today announced the Galaxy S5 in India and said it will be priced upwards of Rs 51,000. The company has not decided the exact price yet, but says it will be priced between Rs 51,000 and Rs 53,000 when it launches in India on April 11. Samsung representatives said that the price has been impacted by the value of the US Dollar and maintained that it is not a big deal considering people are now used to buying high-end smartphones upwards of Rs 50,000, hinting at the iPhone 5S that was launched at Rs 53,500 for the 16GB variant. However, the Galaxy S5 pricing could be a big mistake.

While the Galaxy S5 does add new features including a 16-megapixel camera, fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor and water resistance, it does not give any compelling must-have features that the Galaxy S4 does not provide. It is a case where the Galaxy S4 is a good enough phone with its 5-inch 1080p display, 13-megapixel camera and 2GB of RAM. Had Samsung decided to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 chipset and provided 4G LTE support for India, it would have been an incentive for someone to go for the Galaxy S5.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is currently available for less than Rs 29,000 on most online retail stores, which is a significant price difference of at least Rs 22,000. And for that extra money, users won’t even get a future proof device as the Galaxy S5 does not support upcoming Indian 4G LTE networks.

At its proposed price, the Galaxy S5 is just for those who want the latest smartphone that’s available in the market. Smart buyers would be content with the Galaxy S4 and can probably even buy the Galaxy Gear 2 with the money they saved.

  • Special Edition

    What pricing is this, while giving us the less powerful phone and hey apple did give us the same phone which is being sold outside not compromised on quality or speed. So, comparison no no. Anyways i expect retail price to be less and further drops in coming weeks n months. I do hope Indian buyers take this up strongly and dont buy this phone. Samsung better up your game for us cause we are up there.

  • birendra mail

    Agree with you , Why creating difference with us INDIANS , Same Galaxy S5 is available with better processor Snapdragon 801 for international markets , whereas in India Samsung is launching Exynos processor . Except for China , INDIA is biggest smartphone market in World , so why such GAPS ??

  • Ari Ermawan

    The price will not be that high much longer after Sony Xperia Z2 arrives, which will not be too long after Galaxy S5 comes.
    Apple is quite behind in term of smartphone specs and is no longer a threat to Samsung. Sony and LG are. Look at this comparison :
    1. FM Radio Hardware Built-in : Sony Z2, Yes ; Galaxy S5, No.
    2. Speakers : Sony Z2, Dual Channel (Stereo) ; Galaxy S5, Mono.
    3. Earphone : Sony Z2, Premium (Noise Cancelling) ; Galaxy S5,??
    4. RAM, Sony Z2, 3GB ; Galaxy S5, only 2 GB.
    5. Waterproof : Sony Z2, Level 8 ; Galaxy S5, level 7
    6. Battery : Sony Z2, 3200 mAh ; Galaxy S5, 2800 mAH
    7. Camera : Sony Z2, 20.7 MP ; Galaxy S5, 16 MP
    8. Product Finish : Sony Z2, Premium ; Galaxy S5, ??
    In addition, 2 more features from Sony Z2 :
    9. SIM and Micro-SD card can be inserted or removed without the need to remove
    the backcover & battery.
    10. The position of both speakers are at the front, making it clearer to the
    owner rather than to others nearby.

    • Manu Presannakumar

      Good Points raised by you.

      Samsung still thinks that the “Well-off” Indian buyers would STILL blindly buy it’s highly overpriced plastic phones??

      Some who don’t think intelligently about the specs may buy Samsung flagships in India but the wise will surely go for Z2, LG G2 Pro 2 or HTC M8 or other cheaper Gionee or Xiaomi phones rather than non-LTE laggy sammies.

  • Aditya Kulkarni

    Does it use the same one year old Exynos Octa processor as galaxy S4? If processor is one year old, then it is not a new phone. Its like old wine in new bottle. HTC one with Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, premium built quality, better speakers, better camera and a better user interface. iPhone 5S is also a better buy if you want a smartphone with smaller screen.

  • Avid S

    Samsung selling their next shit with a bandage like body and with their crap touch wiz on board .. the heart beat sensor is a joke !! only thing that would give justice is the isocell 16mp cam and their removable battery !!
    No 4G LTE ?? buying a flagship and stay in stone age
    Sorry “samesung” my next big thing is definitely the Htc One M8 or the next nexus…

  • JohnnyLever

    Samsung “SUCKS”
    They think Indians r fools by offering a phone with inferior system upgrades than the Xperia Z2 which would be cheaper