Samsung starts rolling out Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S III in India

Samsung seems to have started rolling out the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S III in India, BGR India reader @iReshabh has tipped us. Only last month, Samsung had started updating Galaxy S III smartphones in Europe with Android 4.1.

The Android 4.1 update includes numerous enhancements to the Android framework such as ‘Project Butter’ that bumps up the system wide frame rate to 60 FPS, an improved Google Search experience with improved Voice search and Google Now, offline Google voice dictation, an improved keyboard, and expandable notifications.

According to the download package, the update is 290 MB.

Overall this means Galaxy S III users will firstly get a smoother UI experience thanks to Project Butter and with the new Google Search capabilities users will now have two applications to choose from for voice based actions as Samsung already does preload S-Voice. That said the Google search capabilities don’t help the user launch applications, so for that one will still end up using S-Voice.

If you are a Galaxy S III user check the software update option in the settings menu to see whether you’ve received the update. Mind you, these are staggered roll-outs and if you haven’t received it, you will get it in the coming days.

  • Sumit

    The update is now rolling indeed. SamMobile also confirms the availability of the Jelly Bean update for Galaxy S III.

    • Anil

      Can you tell from which place u got the update for S3

  • Chirag

    That is a great news. But when is jelly bean coming for htc one x in India..?

  • Esmail

    No update for build DDLH1 yet. Very frustrating to wait for these updates coming from using an iPhone for the last 4 years. My next android device (if I buy one) will definitely be a Nexus device.

  • Mohammed Riyaz

    Still no updates for my samsung Galaxy S3 in Bangalore.

    • akash

      is I 9300 4g compatible?

  • Sivakumar

    When can it be expected for Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 ?

  • Parveen

    Still OTA update in Punjab….

  • zameerbasha

    No update in karnataka yet.

  • jay

    No update to s3

  • akki

    U should not spread false information about the update…there is no update anywhere in india…did samsung personally develop an update for u???

    • bhavya

      The update is available. My uncle updated his phone few days ago. Although i still cant update :/

      • akki

        Where does ur uncle live??

        • akki

          Plus how can ur uncle update few days ago when d update showed up just 2 days ago??

          • bhavya

            He lives in gurgaon (near delhi). He updated to jb on 8th

  • Kumar

    Still not available here in Hyderabad.:(

  • Alber

    its ridiculous….
    will not buy samsung again. its pathetic to see that after 3 months of Jelly Bean update from Google and now even 4.2 from google is put and running on nexuss’ out there samsung is still unable to roll out Jelly bean to its flagship device which it says is iPhone killer. They should learn first the art of updation from Apple. Same day worldwide update,
    I regret buying this f****** S3

  • Alber

    its ridiculous….
    will not buy samsung again. its pathetic to see that after 3 months of Jelly Bean update from Google and now even 4.2 from google is put and running on nexuss’ out there samsung is still unable to roll out Jelly bean to its flagship device which it says is iPhone killer. They should learn first the art of updation from Apple. Same day worldwide update,
    I regret buying this f****** S3

  • ibla

    hey sumit can u please tell me where did u get the update….I’m trying since morning but I didn’t get any update yet…..iphone is 100 times better than samsung…hate my s3 vll never buy Samsung again…I guess we vll get update next year 2013 till then enjoy your f****n ICS….

  • ibla

    hey sumit can u please tell me where did u get the update I’m trying since morning but I didn’t get any update yet iphone is 100 times better than samsung.hate my s3 vll never buy Samsung again I guess we vll get update next year 2013 till then enjoy your f****n ICS

  • ibla


  • ibla

    hey sumit can u please tell me where did u get the update I’m trying since morning but I didn’t get any update yet iphone is 100 times better than samsung.hate my s3 vll never buy Samsung again I guess we vll get update next year 2013 till then enjoy your f***** ICS

  • no_update

    Its not available….must be some idiot who got the phone from outside india and got the update due to his baseband version…..and these fools r reporting it without verifying…..btw I hate samsung india n their update policy but I would still prefer an ics s3 compared to ios6 iphone….hope samsung india gets btr at this….been like 50days already since the poland users got their jb update

    • HCB

      The user @iReshabh seems to be fooling all JB hungry Indians.:(

  • PB

    No update in Mumbai too…

  • adi


  • Rockstar

    Fuking samsung is copying movie name in their baseband…!! DDLJ hahaha
    Yash raj group can now sue samsung over copyrights…!!!

  • Rehan

    No update,,,,, jhooti khabr hai kya

  • akki

    I will lodge a complaint against this site and specifically the writer of dis article…they r fooling us biiiiiig tym…the writer is a biiig idiot..

  • Abhi

    You are right guys no update have been trying since last 24 hrs, this fucking samsung india is the worst in giving updates. only false promises bastards., feel like an asshole after buying s3 over i phone, wont repeat this mistake

  • Gaurav

    there are several idiots sitting there and spreading the rumors……samsung india… suck and worst service ever….no update yet anywhere in India…..

  • no_update

    samsung india simply sucks….just recently i went to a local “samsung flagship store” to get a samsung usb otg cable, and they didnt even know what it was….further, i asked for the allshare cast dongle and they said they dont keep it in stock…..when it comes to software updates, well, even our neighbour countries pakistan and bangladesh got the jb update on 25th october…..seriously, whats more frustrating is that samsung india is absolutely quiet about this….not even a hint or a word about why the update is delayed or when it will come….simply frustrating

  • Rutul666

    Samsung thinks that we indian are among the stupid and misinformed consumers who wouldn’t like to improve the productivity and utility of our devices with the latest software updates, the phone sold here is network unlocked so the intervention of mobile operator is ruled out, the company itself is and should be responsible for timely updates, I wonder what’s stopping them, Apple might release its iPhone it certainly doesn’t follow all these double standard, after sale support is important too, the after sale support is wonderful at Apple, some people might think that Maruti Suzuki sucks but in terms of after sales support its quite unbeatable, this is why i dread buying a Samsung phone, the company provides updates for only those device which were major proved to be a major success in the market, like Galaxy S 2, Note etc, but what about those poor fellows who bought Galaxy R, Galaxy Tab P1000, I think the updates just stopped after 2.3.6, when the hardware is easily capable of running ICS,Samsung needs to give priority to our market in terms of timely updates too and should stop favouring only the successful handset and if you wanna be on the safe side just buy an iPhone, up to date, atleast for three years.

    • yashwant singh

      Dear brother
      You are right. Samsung realise update for India very late. I found not why do this.I feel Samsung is not give respect to India

  • Arun

    Just updated my S3 to jelly bean via kies….the rom is even smoother without gitches

    • Narasimhulu

      I tried over the air, no update available. Is it true, is update available on kies? Please confirm?

    • nishant

      dude arun hv u bought yur device from india?
      did u update via kies or did u update though OTA

      • mds

        no update what so ever tried OTA, via kies just not getting the update

  • haish

    i got note 2 but how to know that it have 4g plz help guyss??

  • Kumaravel

    I am not seeing any updates. I checked many times :-(

  • shanmukha

    no update

  • Pritesh

    False news. I am trying since yesterday but no update is available. No official news from Samsung regarding update.

  • PB

    The update is available for baseband version DL only. The other baseband versions will receieve the update within 1 week. This is so that their servers dont crash. Hence they are releasing the update in phases.

    • vhhjrr

      I have DL version and I still don’t get the update

      • PB

        If you are unable to update, visit the nearest service center and they wud load it for you.

  • zameerbasha

    Hi guys, head over to the link below to update your galaxy s3 to official jelly bean update through kies.

  • kapil singh

    finally got JB update and its awesome on my s3…….update possible only thru kies only….working very smooth

    • fussa

      bhayaa zara hame bhi to btao ki update kaise karna hai…Its not available OTA and thru kies..then how d hell in d world were u able to update it..pls reply.

  • akshay


    im from delhi..i was looking fr the firmware OTA and thru kies..but couldt get get jelly bean ,we need to do something different..heres the way to do it in india–>

    1. Disconnect S3 from computer.

    2. Open Kies(updated) and goto -> Tools -> Firmware Upgrade and Initialization.

    3. Enter your model no i.e. GT-I9300 and click OK.

    4. Then Enter your s3′s serial number (Settings -> About device -> Serial number) and click OK.

    5. Now Kies will download the whole firmware approx 800 MB and will properly guide further for flashing original updates.

    THIS way u can SURELY ur galaxy s3 to 4.1.1..and happy diwali to all..its a gud diwali gift from samsung to us :D

    • tanuj

      cant update using the above method…

      I get the message..

      Please check your Serial Number and enter it again.

      Please tell me how to upgrade.

      I’m on I9300DDLH1

      • vhhjrr

        Same here guys even I get “please check the serial number” message and same build number I9300DDLH1, I wonder if we are really going to get the update I tried these steps in several computers but I get the same thing. I got this phone just because it was suppose to get Jelly Bean update but now I feel cheated…

        • kapil dev

          Where did u get the serial no earlier I was also getting same error. Remove the battery n u will get Ghent serials no at bottom of your phone under battery. And type in caps. That’s all

          • vhhjrr

            I did get the serial number from inside the battery compartment its a 11 digit number next to s/n. and also I entered it in caps but I get the same thing again and again

          • akshay

            Serial number is in settings>about device>status….i wrote device number in caps and it was like RF1C71***** total 11 characters….guys this way u can surely update to jelly bean…try it

          • Akshay D

            Hey Akshay – Updating the OS via your method will remove all the data & app, contacts ??

          • akshay

            Updating via my method will NOT remove anything from ur phone…everything will remail the same as it was bfore updating

          • Akshay D

            Got it Akshay – as i initialised the firmware upgrade via ur method IT prompted me to take the backup AS it stated to delete all the data.. Is it a word of caution or it WILL delete it..

            Many thanks

          • Akshay D

            Thanks Akshay – M confirming this as I followed ur steps and when the firmware got downloaded it prompted me with Restoration of original settings of the phone which might delete your content. So is it a word of caution or it actually does delete anything on PHONE memory like contacts , photos and applications etc.

            Thanks in advance

          • akshay

            yaar i did not loose anything…so i guess u will also not loose anything…go ahead and update ur s3

    • PUNEET

      When i enter the model number, it says check the model name and try again

    • skshany

      Dear Akshay,
      Thanks for the complete guidance on upgrade to jelly bean, it worked well.
      People like you are needed in this world who help others and show a way.keep it Up.

    • Satvik

      Dear Akshay….thank you for your instructions….. i am a bit confused and would need your help
      When I enter my S3′s model and serial number, kies starts downloading the firmware file….and when its done downloading….it opens a new window and says “emergency firmware recovery” and also says to put my phone into recovery mode and connect it to the laptop……so what shall I do?

      • akshay

        U should put ur phone into recovery mode only …then only ur phone will get upgraded…

    • sowrav

      well akshay..its not working for me..takes on my model number when i get on for the serial number sayd check the s/n no done it like 100 times..doen in caps i am getting the same result..wht to do now

    • Radhika

      I’ve entered the serial number a million times and it just tells me to re enter the serial number again and again. What is the most up-to-date version of kies that you are using for the Jelly bean update. My phones baseband version is I9300DDLH1

    • Vaibhav

      I triee updating by above method firmware got upgraded but the performance hasnt been that butter smooth. Plenty bugs such as when i receive an incoming call the contact name doesnt flash for few sec. Or the display pic of previous caller gets displayed.

  • Kaven


    I did the exact way whatever you told….and I have update my samsung s3 to Jelly Bean now…its really smooth and lot more other features… data was intact and no settings have been lost..whoever is trying to update just follow the procedure carefully and you can your device updated…The Serial number would be in Settings>About Device> Status & you would find the serial number Starting with RF1…

    Many thanks to Akshay..have been waiting to update since September….

    • akshay

      no props….im happy to help others…guys just follow the procedure and update ur s3 to jelly bean…its not available ota as of now

    • Aravind

      Hi Kaven / Akshay

      How can we confirm if Kies has downloaded 800 MB package?

      I did as per the steps, but kies did download something for only few seconds (very small download) and then nothing happened after that…

      • akshay

        hey in that case only 2 things are possible…
        either u hav a very high internet speed :D as it took only seconds to download 800mb data
        or u must hav not followed the steps properly…
        follow the steps properly and u will get ur jb for s3

        • Aravind


          Yes my internet speed is high. But I am 100% sure it did not download anything of 800 MB size. I scanned my entire C:\ drive (monitor filesystem changes) and nothing of that size was downloaded.

          Here is complete list of what exactly happens.
          Input all details, and it says “downloading firmware update components…..1% to 100% in about 5-6 seconds.
          Kies will get focus again and says ready for firmware initialisation? you need to remove battery and reinsert it. keep your phone switched off, hold power, home, volume buttons to restart your phone in update mode and then connect the cable.

          I am worried at this point. As it did not download anything of 800 MB size, i am bit worried that what firmware it would put on.

          • Kaven


            I suggest you to uninstall and reinstall Kies, install the latest version Kies.

            I have only connected my S3 to PC when it says to switch to recovery mode, once the phone is in recovery mode, connect it to the pc, & select the Agreement & click on Start upgrade, that should install the file.

  • Esmail

    One more thanks to Akshay. Just updated to JB. Nice workaround.

  • Aravind

    after following steps mentioned by akshay, as i said nothing happend…it just downloaded few items and left it.
    However, today, when i restarted my system, the kiespdlr.exe downloaded the monster file in about 2 minutes. It downloaded this file automatically soon after system restart.

    The file is in temp folder directory “XXDLJ5ODDDLI7DDDLJ1XXDLJ5″ 777 MB (815,228,544 bytes) to be precise

    Kies prompted that it has successfully downloaded the file and asked me to continue.

    After this what next? What should i do? my phone is already connected to PC

  • Aravind Hari

    I followed all the steps but after connecting the phone in the recovery mode it starts downloading again. And also it saying like firmware emergency recovery downloading from the server, Please tell me what to do

  • sowrav

    well tried to update by ur method…..but always say check ur serial number..done it numerous time..done it in caploack but its the same check ur serial number..its 11 digit srno …plz guide me if u can

  • Akshay

    As per the Samsung India customer care executive the update is halted the day before yesterday because of some bugs and there is no fixed date when it will resume.

    • hasan

      Any idea wen d actual OTA or kies update fr jb vl b available?

    • hasan

      Any idea wen d actual OTA or kies update fr jb vl b available? Because i think if v would follow the method mentioned above then warranty issues vl occur. Iam guessing.

      • akshay

        warranty issue will NOT occur at all as the phone is updated via kies and its d official jelly bean firmware….follow dis method as it is to update ur phone to the latest version…

  • Vivek

    The firmware is not available via OTA in Chennai. On Kies, It says, ‘Check your Serial number and enter it again’. This is really frustrating.

  • Vaibhav

    I updated by entering the serial number and disconnecting the device from kies however my rom functioning hasnt been that butter smooth after that. Seems a bit buggy.

  • Akshay D

    As Akshay Suggested – Following the Steps properly and downloading the firmware on Phone via recovery mode will install the JB 4.1.1 .. Thanks Again Akshay

  • krishan


    I cannot believe people can b so stupid….this is so simple….and everyone in india with S 3 can install JB via kies….BUT….i’ll suggest everyone to NOT install JB as it is buggy….i hav it on mine n there are small but lots of bugs….like application freezing and crashing….etc.

    • Kick@$$

      Dude – its not about stupidity… in real scenario – The JB is not available to ALL baseband versions for INdia. So there is an indirect way to install it via Emergency Recovery Method. U might be lucky if u got the update directly via KIES or OTA.. Cool Off

  • shashank

    I m in Mumbai and got d update dis morning.via ota.I dint check for a notification.any idea abt d bug fixes

  • bishal agarwal

    Any idea when would be the update rolling out for galaxy s advance in india?