Samsung sweetens the deal for Galaxy S5 buyers in India – offers free pick up for servicing, screen replacement at Rs 990


Samsung is now offering new schemes to lure prospective buyers to pick up the Galaxy S5 in India. After announcing buyback schemes for existing Galaxy S3 owners and other smartphone users, Samsung’s latest offer includes free pick up and delivery of the phone in case it needs to be taken to the service centre as well as a one-time offer where users will be able to get the display replaced for just Rs 990 for the first time.

samsung-galaxy-s5-adGalaxy S5 buyers can call 1800-3000-8282 or 1800-266-8282 to get the phone picked up and dropped to the service centre. Samsung says it will provide a standby handset for the user to use till the time the Galaxy S5 is returned from the service centre. The pickup and drop service is initially available in Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi and NCR, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Cochin, Vizag and Jaipur.

Samsung has also changed its buyback offer, where it now offers Rs 10,000 off on its claimed market operating price of Rs 50,900, which means users can bring in their old smartphone and get the Galaxy S5 for Rs 40,900. However, the Galaxy S5 is already available for under Rs 40,000 with many online retailers without any need to exchange it for an old smartphone.

What’s interesting is the home pick up and drop to service centre and the one-time screen replacement for Rs 990 is applicable to all Galaxy S5 owners who bought it in India and not just for new buyers.

Samsung had launched the Galaxy S5 in India for Rs 51,500, which was deemed to be too expensive and shed more than 20 percent of its launch price in about a month after its launch. Since then, Samsung has tried sweetening the deal by offering buyback schemes and Rs 5,000 discount vouchers for its online store. It remains to be seen whether the new offer leads to increased sales or just provides a sense of relief to existing users who bought the phone at the original launch price.

  • Chris Andrson

    Samsung, please give us snap dragon phones, we don’t need Exynos. When we spend half a lakh of our hard earned money we expect it to have the latest features and technology. There’s no 4g and the development support is zero for Exynos.

  • Rahul Kate

    It means Samsung is not able to find buyers for S5…

  • docsmartsin

    S5 is a big dud.. even S1 did better than this.. Instead of all these offers..simply reducing the price to 40k will improve the sales.. waise the design is majorly flawed..aesthetically. anyone agreeing on this friends..

  • ASA

    The 5000 Rs gift voucher is a BIG farce and a marketing gimmick to lure customers without delivering what has been promised!! The best products compatible with S5 are out of stock with no update with the call centre regarding when they will be available. They have close to 75000 pending requests but no stock. Then the offer ends on 15th june 2014. You cannot redeem the coupon in a physical store and they will not extend the offer. So effectively speaking – One can either settle for something that is available but not necessarily what one wants or needs, OR forgo the coupon – A very one sided deal by Samsung, and a raw deal for the customer. Makes me feel shortchanged and cheated!!

  • blowfish king

    Samsung S5 sucks same story different title with high price … Next year 20 MP camera and cost 60000 rupees.. When technology improves cost should go down better product, quality and excellent on time service is what required from a reputed company … not just trying to make money out of some crap and groping public hard earned money. earlier a big phone cost 5000 rupees and now 50000 rupees … unbelievable so how much people money is cheated …

    With high technology the same phone should cost 4000 rather 6000….10000….20000….35000….50000…..100000… than where i dont know…….. . technology is not helping the people it is stealing people’s money in brought day light … Which many of us dont know.



  • akash bajpai

    It’s great to see such screen replacement offer.
    I don’t think that S5 is a bad phone actually it is great.but I aggree that the price was too high when it was launched.
    But now it is a awesome phone at such price and awesome features. .
    Major of complaints about S5 is,
    1. it is 4g incapable .but it doesn’t matter here in India where 3g is not properly working. So 4g will not be available (all over india) for few years (properly & decent price ).
    2. Made of plastic. Although plastic don’t give rich look to it. but it help in making it light weight & better signalling and also it looks nice but you have look it yourself & give it a chance & it doesn’t breaks like glass.
    3. it have great camera better than z2 as it give 16:9 16mp image.
    4. Almost same water resestance as z2