Samsung takes on Apple’s buyback iPhone 4 scheme with Galaxy cashback offer

Samsung takes on Apple’s buyback iPhone 4 scheme with Galaxy cashback offer
Samsung takes on Apple’s buyback iPhone 4 scheme with Galaxy cashback offer

Rivalry between Samsung and Apple in India is heating up as the South Korean electronics giant has responded to Apple’s buyback offer for the iPhone 4 with its own cashback offer four five devices in its Galaxy range. The devices include the Galaxy Note 800 tablet, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Grand and Galaxy camera. According to the offer, buyers can get up to Rs 5,668 cashback if they buy any of these devices with a Standard Chartered or ICICI credit card.

Many retailers that BGR India spoke to maintained that Apple’s iPhone 4 offer had proven to be very popular with buyers and many were going for the iPhone 4 instead of Samsung’s Galaxy Grand. “We are getting record sales after the (iPhone 4) offer started, it is taking customers away from the Galaxy Grand,” a major retailer in South India told us.

While Samsung remains the numero uno smartphone vendor in India, it is facing stiff competition from Indian vendors like Micromax, Karbonn and Lava in the entry-level smartphone space and Apple in the higher-end. Micromax’s Canvas range of smartphones and phablets have been very popular with successive shipments selling out within hours and the devices selling at a premium in grey markets. Apple’s iPhones remain aspirational with reports of people lapping up even a three-year-old iPhone 4, often called a relic by tech journalists.

Samsung’s cashback offer is valid till April 30 and is limited to credit cards issued by two banks. Under the offer, consumers can get Rs 5,324 cashback on the Galaxy Note 800 (MOP: Rs 35,490, offer price: Rs 30,166); Rs 4,799 on the Galaxy S III (MOP: Rs 31,990, offer price: Rs 27,191); a cashback of Rs 5,668 on the Galaxy Note II (MOP: Rs 37,790, offer price: Rs 32,122); Rs 3,223 on the Galaxy Grand (MOP: Rs 21,490, offer price: Rs 18,267) and a cashback of Rs 3,999 on the Galaxy Camera (MOP: Rs 26,590, offer price Rs 22,591).

We expect Samsung to get even more aggressive with the impending launch of the Galaxy S 4 in India later this month. Apple can also respond by extending its buyback offer, which expires today and also implement it on the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 to heat things up. India, like most other global markets, is turning into a Samsung-Apple battlefield where other brands like Nokia, HTC and Sony pay the price. It will be difficult for the rest of them to compete with the two sparring giants, who not only have disproportionate margins but also enjoy almost all the profits in the smartphone space.

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  • Hrishikesh

    Apple’s offer has been extended till 30th April here in mumbai.

    • ganesh

      where dude & on which iphone..??

  • Chetan


    Please stretch the message correctly.

    This Samsung cashback offer is valid only on 12th months EMI + Processing Fee.

    • Ritij

      No mate,if you buy through flipkart, the offer comes without the processing fees.

  • Preyank Dixsit

    This is a very dumb move by samsung.Its targeting only a small set of people by supporting credit cards if ONLY TWO banks.

  • V

    How does the cash back scheme work? Do buyers get the actual money credited back to their accounts or is it in the form of redeemable points/vouchers etc?

  • pardeep kumar

    Galaxy Note II offer

  • pardeep kumar

    Galaxy Note II Applauded

  • pardeep kumar

    Galaxy Note II good phone

  • pardeep kumar


  • pardeep kumar

    Pardeep Kumar this phone like the Galaxy Note 2

  • Ajay

    Samsung is going running crazy seeing apple popularity in India….
    Hate Samsung and its plasticky Chinese sluggish phones

  • Sanjay

    They are fooling people.
    Before 5 day the one big online site its offering Samsung s 3 at 25500 something it is less what they offering right now but they not advertisement as Samsung

  • Mike

    Please do not go in for Samsung Products. Samsung is notorious for using cheaper quality accessories for its mid-priced phones, due to which they frequently face problems of hanging and software malfunction. Only it’s premium phones are made using quality accessories. Avoid Samsung if you are looking for any of its mid-priced variants.

  • Jaskaran singh

    If i wish to buy a new phone which should i go for samsung galaxy grand or iphone 4s
    So for which phone should i go…
    I’ll be thankfull if you reply me soon…!!

  • snoopy

    Excellent Idea from Samsung. Cash back offer. ( I would not like to compare this to the Scheme from Apple becase they are not comparable. You can’t compare fruits to vegetables. ) Without getting into the nitty gritty of the Scheme from Samsung and what is the strategy in business is.
    I would love if the Scheme was available for Cash down buy also. Aren’t they also samsung fans. Samsung should regard its fans sincerely and not just take advantage of credit card companies.

  • Kuldeep

    Samsung mobile buyback new offers starts from tomorrow stay tuned… For more