Spot the difference: Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Vs Apple iPhone 3G

Ever since Samsung announced the Galaxy Ace Plus a few hours ago, I have not been able to help but think how similar it looks to a phone launched in June of 2008. The iPhone 3G that is. It has been bugging me so much that I dug out an old iPhone 3G lying with me and compared it with the official images Samsung released today. Yes, I have not seen the actual unit but the photographs are too similar to dismiss. As an exercise, I took the official images of the iPhone 3G in the same profile and the similarities don’t seem to end. Apart from the rectangular home button and a different placement of the camera, the two devices look exactly the same.

I cannot come up with any good reason why Samsung would do anything like that considering all the lawsuits the two companies are fighting around the design of Samsung’s Galaxy Smartphones and Tabs but then Samsung also used the same girl that Apple used to promote its devices. In all probability, Samsung just wants to tell Apple that it is not scared or even to prove a point that Apple cannot own rights to the design of an all-touchscreen, rectangular smartphone with curved edges and back. What do you have to say? Let us know in comments below.

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  • Canucker

    Plagiarism is the most sincere form of flattery. But I think you are right. Either Samsung is actively trying to rub Apple’s nose in it (because tying Apple up in courts is one tactic) or the advert designers hired by Samsung just like to cut corners (although the Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone line up ad was at least original).

    • fjpoblam

      Haw, haw, “cut corners”, get it? Rectangle? Flat? Rounded corners? Good one, @Canucker, haw, haw.

  • Hashim Warren

    All of these smartphone devices look the same

  • Kevin McIsaac

    Its simple evolution of a design to the most practical solution. Look at TVs, they all look about the same, look at a paper back etc.

  • ken1w

    Samsung being 3.5 years behind is about right…

  • Don

    Honestly, I can’t see what the problem is. If I gave you the following design brief

    Minimalist design
    Rounded corners
    Black colour

    What would you come up with? I guarantee it wouldn’t be too much different from the above phones. Also, there is one design element, in each phone, that makes it obvious to all but the dimmest person who made each phone. It’s called a logo….

    • Starfox

      You’re kidding, right ?

      The point is precisely that you don’t HAVE TO follow this list to make a smartphone.
      In what universe a smartphone “should” have a minimalist design and rounded corners ?

      You’re talking nonsense.
      I can perfectly make a smartphone that’s pink, with square corners and LED everywhere.

    • dummycaller

      Brb googling the other 100 smartphones on that market that look nothing like and iPhone. Apparently they didn’t get your memo that the 3G is the only suitable design for a smartphone.

  • Anirudh

    I vote for Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus . I use Ace right now . Will switch to this . Thanks for Sharing .

  • dhakshayini

    i want to buy this phone

  • bah

    Seriously!? There are atleast 5-6 differences immediately visible… Any similarity Ace has with 3GS is a similarity hundreds of Android phones have with it….

  • Mike A

    You are either kidding or insane. The iPhone was clearly simply an evolution of every other smartphone that came before it. Done better to be sure, but evolutionary, not revolutionary in terms of design.

    LG complained that Apple stole directly from the LG Prada which had been show the year before the iphone was ever seen. Like the iPhone, it had a largely black, minimalist front. It was first to market with a capacitive touchscreen, the same type touted as a big deal on the iPhone.

    Oh and for the record LG did not sue!

    These stories are getting so old and boring. Just stop it.

    • DODD

      They didn’t sue because they didn’t have a case. You hear CEOs flapping their gums about lawsuits all the time, and they never file them because they’re baseless.

      Anyone who still cries about the LG Prada just looks so sad. It was desperate at the time, and it’s pathetic now.

    • dummycaller

      complete horseshit. The iPhone is most definitely not evolutionary in the mobile space. The LG prada looks nothing like it form or function wise. Please link these phones pre iPhone you speak of. The phone I was using before the iPhone was a Blackberry like everyone else. It had a shitty keyboard and an even shittier Operating system. If you don’t think a phone that cost many CEOs their jobs and completely changed the mobile phone industry, while also wrestling control from carriers is revolutionary here is a link for you

  • Rajesh

    its hard to believe but really couldn’t why Samsung is always trying to wear the Apple’s shoes knowing the fact that they cant fit in them..

  • Mike

    If we wan’t to find some differences we can do that but overall both phones looks the same. The Galaxy Ace Plus OS is better than it was for iPhone 3G at the time.
    But if we think this way – iPhone’s processor comes from Samsung, Flash memory and DRAM comes from Samsung as well, so why they can’t us them on their own phones?

  • Shekhoo S Raja

    Way to Go Sammy!!