Nano-SIM cutters for the iPhone 5 are here!

One of the biggest problems at the moment with using the iPhone 5 in India is the non-availability of Nano-SIMs. BGR India had exclusively reported earlier that major Indian carriers had already placed orders for Nano-SIMs but they would be widely available only when the iPhone 5 is officially launched in India. Of course, you can cut a regular SIM into a Nano-SIM manually but it is a hit or miss affair. Our friend, Maninder Pal Singh, has good news for us as he has managed to snap a Nano-SIM cutter from Shenzhen, China.

Singh claims that this SIM cutter is not yet widely available even in China, but we believe it is just a matter of weeks before these cutters make their way to markets globally. SIMs cut with this cutter don’t need to be sandpapered and Singh’s Nano-SIM is working perfectly with his iPhone 5.

Hat Tip: @ManinderPals

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