Indian tablet market hits 3.11 million units in 2012, tops 1 million units in Q4 alone

According to a Cyber Media Research report, 3.11 million tablets were shipped in India in 2012. Additionally, it was revealed that 1.09 million tablets were shipped between October and December alone.

Surprisingly, there were 72 OEMs that shipped tablets in the country, replicating the smartphone trend that emerged a couple of years ago. Samsung, Micromax and Apple emerged as the market leaders. It’s likely that Apple would have taken the high-end market with the iPad and the iPad mini, while Samsung would have dominated the price range between Rs 10,000 and Rs 20,000 and Micromax would have dominated the low-end market after it launched popular products like the FunBook.

Android due to its scalability turned out to be the most dominant OS as there were products across all price brackets powered by the OS. Apple’s iOS came in second, but the report notes that Windows has started making inroads after Microsoft launched a touch-enabled Windows 8 in late October.

Samsung is being noted for the inception of the phablet concept with its popular ‘Note’ line of products. Its worth noting for 2012 the report counted any device with a screen bigger than 5-inches a tablet, but that will change in 2013, so this also means Samsung’s very popular Galaxy Note II must have propelled its sales according to this report.

If one just looks at the 7-inch plus tablet market then Micromax took the lead with 17.07 percent share in 2012, while Apple trailed at 10.88 percent and Samsung held 10.39 percent.

In Q4 of 2012, Micromax grew further at 19.04 percent and big players like Apple and Samsung were out of the top three. Instead, Karbonn managed to grab 9.85 percent of the market and DataWind captured 9.64 percent of the market. It should be noted these figures are only shipments, plus DataWind has not accounted for shipments of the Aakash tablet that would have turned the tide in its favor.

The report claims that 70 percent of the tablet shipments happened in the second half of the year.

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