70 percent of Indian YouTube users below age of 35: Google

According to the survey conducted by Google, more than 70 percent of YouTube viewers in India are below 35 years old and about 72 percent have a college degree or higher. One third of the YouTube users access YouTube from their mobile phones and spend up to 48 hours on the site.The survey was done on more than 2000 Indian viewers and it has coined a new section of viewers known as Generation C. This section is a part of the audience who are tech savvy and are connected to the latest content.

YouTube’s marketing VP, Danielle Tiedt says that Generation C thrives on 4Cs – Creation, Curation, Community and Connection.

The people categorized in the section are engaged in uploading, sharing and watching hours of videos. They tend to switch through devices almost 30 times a day and about 30 percent of the videos are viewed on their handheld devices.

With the increasing smartphone market in India, the Generation C will only grow larger in number and get easier access to videos.

The survey also revealed that more that 50 percent of the viewers share videos on various social networking sites and via e-mail.

These are very encouraging statistics for the tech savvy user as well as Google to pump more content for the Indian user.

Google does realize the immense potential of the Indian market and previously the company updated its TV shows as well as added 19,000 full episodes of about 300 programs in six different languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati and Punjabi.

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