> > Aakash 3 may come with SIM slot, more apps: Report

Aakash 3 may come with SIM slot, more apps: Report

The next generation Aakash tab could have a SIM card slot, a web cam, ability to take audio notes, act as a text book and all this within the existing price band.

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay are working overtime to make this a reality in the third generation Aakash tablet. The yet-to-be-launched device is also expected to have better apps and it will be more open source than ever before, according to a ToI report.

There will be about 50 lakh Aakash 3 tablets manufactured as a part of the first phase that will be released in February. The device will be as indigenous as possible according to the committee members that are responsible for bringing the most affordable tablet.

Aakash 3 tab will support Linux and Android operating systems and also have advanced memory and the SIM card slot will make it a better communication tool.

There would be two versions of the tablet – one for school students that will be available at the price of the current Aakash tab and another one with slightly better features for college students that will be available at a slightly higher price.