Aircel’s iPhone 4S 64GB sold out within hours

Aircel’s iPhone 4S pre-order started much later than Airtel’s yesterday. While both carriers had the same price for the iPhone 4S, it was only Aircel that offered the iPhone 4S 64GB variant for a princely Rs 57,500! However, if Aircel’s pre-order site is to be believed, the highest-end version of the iPhone 4S was sold out within hours of the pre-orders going live. We had readers pinging us within five hours, telling us about it being sold out! We do not know how many units Aircel had of the iPhone 4S 64GB but we know for a fact both carriers have very limited stocks of all the three variants, something the carriers were not really happy about. We are also yet to come across anyone who pre-ordered the 64GB variant. If you are one of them or know anyone who did, get in touch with us by leaving a comment below.

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  • chintu

    Maybe they had brought just one 64 gb unit for that only fool in india whom they wanted to sell, as no sane person would buy it for such a fucked up price. At least iphone 4 pricing was better as it was close to the us unlocked version but now this is just ridiculous. I was eagerly waiting for this but now it seems like apple has finally managed to disappoint an apple fanboy me. Screw this now i am the biggest android fan forever, i am sold out on droid razr. Goodbye apple!

  • vijay

    Ridiculous pricing. after waiting for long for a apple, the launch of 4s is at such a ridiculous price that i regret not picking up the galaxy s2 at diwali time. will pick the s2 now :(

  • vivek

    Dude people should stop blaming APPLE for high price. The prices are fixed by operators not apple.

    • stranger

      You are right.These operators are playing politics around Apple 4S.
      We should not blame Apple.

      • stranger

        I meant iPhone 4S

  • @kamal