Airtel brings voice service to LTE users in Pune

We had earlier reported about the Telecom Ministry reportedly planning to allow network carriers to provide voice service on their LTE networks, if they paid a huge fee. Airtel which launched its 4G network in Pune back in October has in a way avoided having to pay a fee by announcing earlier today that it will provide voice service to people in Pune on its 4G and LTE networks using a technology called Circuit Switched FallBack (CSFB).

Airtel in association with Nokia Siemens Networks will use the CSFB technology which basically switches the network back to GSM every time a person receives or makes a call. At other times when using the phone’s data plan, the network will switch back to the LTE network. This technology will also mean that as Airtel won’t have to make any more investments it is likely to reflect in the tariff plans.

Jagbir Singh, CTO and Director – Network Services Group, Bharti Airtel said, “Bharti Airtel has the advantage of pan-India GSM and 3G networks and with the deployment of cutting edge CSFB functionality, we will have the flexibility of using either or both the networks to support voice services on our TD-LTE platform. The solution will enable our 4G customers to enjoy high-quality voice services on GSM network and ultra-fast data services on TD-LTE platform – thereby allowing them to have a unified experience on a 4G handset.”

Earlier last year, Airtel had tied up with Huawei to launch India’s first TD-LTE smartphone, the Ascend P1.

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