Airtel is testing Nano SIM for upcoming iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is launching in India in the coming weeks and we are told all major carriers are busy testing Nano SIMs on the phone to ensure everything runs smoothly at the time of launch. BGR India had earlier exclusively reported that carriers were placing orders for Nano SIMs and today one of our readers has sent us photographs of a sample Nano SIM card that Airtel might use.

What you see above is a sample Nano SIM card that will eventually get Airtel’s branding once it passes network testing. Watchdata is one of the several companies that provide SIM cards and related solutions to carriers. At the moment, we know other carriers are doing the same and we are assured Nano SIMs will be available at the time of launch of the iPhone 5. Nevertheless, readers have demonstrated to us that Nano SIMs can be made by cutting regular SIM cards and Nano SIM card cutters are making their way into the market, just in case these smaller SIM cards are difficult to get.

The iPhone 5 is currently the only phone in the world to use a Nano SIM, which is even smaller than Micro SIM, which again was first introduced by Apple and is now being used in most high-end phones from other brands. It is only a matter of time before competition catches up and starts using Nano SIMs in their devices as well.

Hat tip to Gagan!

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