Airtel launches Opera Web Pass, offers an hourly and a daily Internet subscriptions

Bharti Airtel has partnered with the Opera Software to launch the Opera Web Pass for their Indian customers. The Opera Web Pass features some interesting Internet plans that will be useful to those with a very limited internet usage. These services are available for all Airtel users who can make use of these services using the Opera Mini browser.

Users can access the Opera Web Pass in the Speed Dial start page on the Opera Mini browser. This will feature a list of web pass subscriptions which can be chosen as per the requirements of the users. Depending on their Internet usage, users can opt for an hourly data plan by paying a fee for one-hour subscription of mobile internet, and can also choose to stay online for 24 hours with an unlimited data plan which will come for a flat fee for a day’s subscription. Apart from this, there is a weekend plan that allows browsing the web just on weekends.

These handy services are applicable on accessing Internet through Opera Browser only.