AKG Tiesto reference headphones hit India, as DJ Tiesto comes to India

AKG has announced that its signature line of Tiesto headphones will be available at the Tiesto concerts that are scheduled in India this weekend. There are essentially three models, the K67 (meant for enthusiasts), the K167 (a notch above the K67’s preferable for live music) and the K267 (meant for monitoring mixtures).

AKG claims that these headphones have been specifically engineered for the mastering, monitoring, mixing and handling live electronic dance music.

AKG of course, is a legendary brand in the world of audio, and its K1000 line of open-back headphones are famed in sound engineering circles.

AKG is also known to produce many artist endorsed headphones, perhaps its Quincy Jones lineup is the most famous, a these headphones were used by iconic producer Quincy Jones in producing many a Michael Jackson albums including the groundbreaking Thriller album.

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