Alleged PlayStation 4 controller image leak features a touchpad

A new image of the next-gen PlayStation’s controller prototype has leaked just about a week before the speculated release of the PlayStation 4 at an event on February 20. The leaked image shows a controller model along with a beta unit of the dev kit, both of which are subjected to change in terms of design, Engadget reports. While the final version of the new controller may look different from the one in the image, the chances of the next controller to endorse a touchscreen seem crystal clear.

We have earlier reported that the next version of the DualShock controller is expected to be carrying some interesting features, one of which was a Vita-based touchpad.

The new image features a bar shaped touchpad sandwiched between the usual keys on right and left side. Though there is the usual d-pad and four-button setup given on the device, the PlayStation key has moves down to the bottom with a speaker grill above it. We cannot locate the Share button anywhere on the device in the image though.