Amazon reportedly hires Redington to distribute Kindle devices in India

Amazon has hired Redington to distribute its Kindle branded hardware in India according to MediaNama. Previously, Amazon had tied up with Tata’s Croma retail line to sell its entry-level Kindle e-book readers. The deal could mean Amazon is now preparing to launch its higher-end Kindle Paperwhite e-book reader and possibly even the Kindle HD tablet.

It can be postulated that this could be a precursor to Amazon launching its content juggernaut in India.

The content angle can be a big play because, the Kindle Android tablets are totally reliant on Amazon services that includes its premium video streaming service, its cloud player and App store as the tablets use a forked version of Android and don’t have access to Google Play.

Additionally, we have already seen Apple spread its wings in this sphere after it launched iTunes downloads for local content in its store. Apple has also launched the Apple TV in India so that consumers can consume their video content on the big screen. Google too is not far behind and now offers its Play Books service in India that will compete with the Kindle e-book reader store. And finally, just to add some masala to this story, there are also murmurs that Netflix might be planning something for India, but till date there has not been anything concrete on that front.

Previously, Apple tied up with Redington to distribute its products and there are indications that iPhone sales have sored in the country. Clearly, the vultures are circling for controlling the Indian online content market.

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