Amazon smartphone: First clear photo revealed


Our colleagues at BGR Classic exclusively revealed the first ever photos of Amazon’s smartphone last month. The device though was covered in a protective case and hence not much was visible. But now, our colleagues have yet again exclusively revealed the first clear photo of the forthcoming Amazon smartphone.

The above photo is a render of the smartphone created by Amazon’s designer for in-house use. As seen in the above photo, Amazon seems to have borrowed design cues from the likes of Apple iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphones as well as the HTC One. The device is said to be big, yet comfortable enough to use in one hand.

As far as specifications are concerned, the device is said to feature a 4.7-inch 720p display, Snapdragon quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, six individual camera modules, and a modified version of Google Android similar to what we have seen on the company’s Kindle Fire tablets. Amazon will also be including its own mobile app store for third-party software distribution.

The talking point though is the unique 3D interface. On the front, the phone will have four low-power infrared cameras that will track the position of the user’s head in relation to the phone. So for example, when using the maps, by tilting the phone users will be able to change the viewpoint on the map, or when shopping for products users will be able to see them from different angles.

Additionally, Amazon will also be introducing new ways to interact with the phone. For example, instead of menu buttons, tilting the phone to the left or right will bring up menu panels or features in an app that will come over the current screen. In Amazon’s video store, a slight tilt will display IMDb ratings on top of movie thumbnails.

Though there is no official word, Amazon is expected to unveil the smartphone sometime in June.

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