Angry Birds Seasons’ next magic-themed update to feature Portals

When you think of Portals, the first thing that comes to your mind is Half Life. Well now you can add Angry Birds to that. Earlier today Rovio Entertainment again gave a look into what we could expect from the upcoming Angry Birds Seasons by creating a live-action teaser video and posting it on Vine.

Last week, Rovio posted a teaser image on its Twitter page which hinted that the next Angry Birds update would be designed around the magic theme, with pigs dressed as clowns and magicians and backgrounds depicting carnivals. Sticking to that theme, today’s live-action video shows the birds flying through portals trying to destroy the villainous pigs.

From last week’s image, we had also expected that Angry Birds Seasons will be introducing new game dynamics, and using portals sure proves a fundamental change. You can see the birds flying through portals in the Vine video below.