Apple announces Back to College program in India, offers Rs 12,000 off on MacBook Pro for college students

If you are a college student, then this is the time to purchase a MacBook Pro as Apple is offering massive discounts. As it always does before the beginning of the college season, Apple is offering a discount of Rs 12,000 on the MacBook Pro for students in India. This means the MacBook Pro range now starts from Rs 69,900.

The listing also suggests that Apple is offering discounts on other Mac products as well, but those have not been highlighted. Apple says that the offer is valid only for a limited time, which too has not been specified. Students will need to carry their college photo id to avail the offer.

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  • Sid

    Is this offer also available on MacBook Pro(Retina Display)…?!

  • tashreef

    why a college student need premium computing device like Macbook?. For 63,000 we can get full featured windows 8 ultrabook ….

    • Rutul666

      Tashreef, if you don’t want MacBook Pro, then just buy a Windows laptop!! There are many who prefers mac over any windows machine, you don’t speak for entire student community of this country, why can’t you just simply appreciate the discount????

      P.S- I assume by mentioning ‘premium’you want to question the hefty price of the mac but then again you gave an example of 64k windows laptop, ain’t that expensive for a student?? Buying a MacBook Pro at 70k is better than a getting yourself a 63k windows machine, any day and if you didn’t knew you can always install windows on your mac via Bootcamp.

      • mkd

        @Rutul666 no its not. Its only your opinion. The community say different.

        • Jack The Ripper

          Oh shut up. As if you know something about the community.
          Os X mavericks is anyday better. Windows is nothing but a cheap copy of mac os. Thats how it started.

          • MKD

            Oh I really liked how your “Os X mavericks is anyday better” took 11 months to load this page so you can comment :D LOLOLOLOL

  • Dwaipayan

    Again a new offer to dump obsolete products to greedy indians

    • Parthi

      @mkd it is …. U will understand it if u r a mac user ….