Apple App Store now shows pricing in Indian Rupees

Apple has started showing prices of apps in Indian Rupees on the App Store. It seems the system has just gone live and is not yet perfect as we can see some apps priced at Rs 2.99 and Rs 6.99, which ideally should have been $2.99 and $6.99. We believe this is just a glitch and should be fixed pretty soon. Read on…

Apple had the only popular app store that still had prices in US Dollars instead of Rupees in India and they seem to be taking action on it. At the moment we are not sure whether these are actual Rupees pricing or users will be charged in Dollars while showing a converted value in Rupees. The App Store is down for maintenance on October 25 between 12-7 PM (PT), which means it could be back up early morning when you’d be able to buy apps.

This move also comes right around the iPhone 5 launch in India. We expect the iPhone 5 to be launched on November 2, with a possible announcement later today.

Hat tip to Jaanam!

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