> > Apple confirms iPad pre-orders have sold out

Apple confirms iPad pre-orders have sold out

If you want the new iPad on its launch day, you will now have to wait in a queue outside an Apple Store as Apple has run out of stock of iPads available for pre-order. Pre-order shipment times have shifted to March 19 and later in most countries.As with most Apple product launches the demand is normally very high and people queue up outside Apple store hours before the 8 AM opening time of the store, just to get their hands on the device. Apple is calling this pre-order frenzy “off the charts” signalling higher demand than the first and second generation iPads. If you are really stuck up on getting the iPad on day one and have missed your chance to pre-order it, standing in a queue right now outside an Apple Store in one of the countries where it is available would be a pretty good idea.