Apple could launch the fifth generation iPad in September: Report


Apple could launch the fifth generation iPad in September according to a report by Taiwan based Digitimes. The report claims sources in the supply chain,and we must admit that this might be plausible considering Apple has not released an update for its tablet this year.

Towing the line of previous rumors, the report states that the fifth generation model will feature a new design that will notably have a slimmer bezel.

Reportedly, the number of LED tubes powering the Retina display backlight has been reduced from two to one. This will mean that the tablet will be more frugal and will offer better battery life. Apparently, pilot production for the tablet has already begun.

Besides the fifth generation iPad, the report also says that the iPad mini could get delayed till the fourth quarter of 2013, if Apple opts to arm it with a Retina display. It appears that Apple is pushing its component manufacturers for an almost bezel less design, which would be an incredible feat considering the iPad mini already has an immensely slim bezel.

Before today, we have seen multiple leaks regarding the fifth generation iPad which suggest that it will adopt a design similar to the iPad mini and could be 25 percent lighter and much slimmer. Other than this we can expect the regular processor and GPU upgrades.

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  • Vishva

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